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We don't rebuild the world by ourselves. It takes the world to build a village. It takes a village to raise a child.

You can help us produce the GVCS by identifying and inviting Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to help with expertise required for transforming the technosphere towards open and collaborative. You can do so by researching and posting candidates on the wiki, or you can inquire with the SMEs to determine if they are willing to help. Or, if you are a subject matter expert yourself on any of the 500 Technology Modules that make up the technosphere - list yourself as an SME by using our form below. See more information below on these 3 ways of contributing to the OSE SME search.

SMEs are people who we can collaborate with for the following purposes:

  • SME Advisors
  • Developers
  • Board Members
  • Workshop Leaders
  • and other roles.

1 - Wiki Upgrading

Do you know any authorities whom we can contact regarding some of the content in this wiki? You can upgrade the wiki by using the template - {{pre}}. Just insert this template after any name of a subject matter expert, and that automatically categorizes the person as an SME. All the SMEs tagged by the Sme.png template can be listed by clicking on this small image icon. The icon image page displays all the pages that use the icon - thus you can find all the SMEs listed. More specific SME icons can be created, such as Metallurgy SME, Tool and Die SME, etc. Clicking on these specific icons lists the SMEs in that category.

The second step would be SME Inquiry Letter below to vet the potential SME.

This can help us immensely: if we find the SME icon - then we have a specific person to follow up with.

2 - SME Inquiry Letter

  • Identify industry trade organizations, institutes, and other supporting organizations that deal with a given technology
  • Identify authors of published papers
  • Reach out to organizations and authors using SME Invitation Template for a commitment of 2 years, 1 hour per month.
  • Evaluate response of SME, and send them request to fill out (2 minutes) - SME Recruiting Form below - their name, email, phone (optional), website, and expertise.
  • If they fill out the paperwork, giving them an option to respond by email or take a video call with OSE team members
  • If they provide successful contributions, we post their bio on our website. If the relationship is not productive, we send a thank you letter, informing them that if they do want to contribute, we are open to that.
  • SME Form - use it to document all the SMEs and their contributions.

This inquiry process is used to determine a critical factor about an SME: are they willing and available to provide information? A willing SME is a valuable resource, as they can provide information on research topics readily.

If a person responds favorably, they should be listed in our spreadsheet below, which is made available to members of the OSE Development Team.

3 - SME Form

Please put yourself on the map with your skill set if you are an SME. We do not publish your email or sell your information.