STEAM Camp Marketing Plan

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  1. Main website posting - such as
  2. Generic Sizzle Promo - . STEAM Camp Description Promo -
  3. STEAM Camp Flyer - - STEAMCampFlyerMarch.jpg
  4. View in G-DocsFile:PNWSchoolContacts.csv -- List of email address for High School Career Counselors and CTE teachers Whatcom, Skagit, Island, San Juan, Snohomish counties WA State.

  5. Edit - File:PNWSchoolemail.rtf - Email templates sent out by Jeremy.
  6. PNWMailChimpBlast.png - Email template for 2nd round - mailed from

Marketing Steps

  1. Post to OSE Workshops FB Page and OSE FB Page
  2. All instructors - post to other venue social media sites, such as NADLAB FB
  3. Instructors - invite your friends.
  4. Post to PhPlist - OSEmail
  5. Distribute flyer above - digitally and in physical locations
  6. Post at directories of STEAM Camp programs
  7. Write a script and publish a video
  8. Identify where the Target Market hangs out - see Five-Legged Dog
  9. Invite the target market with a Five-Legged Dog Inviation Video.
  10. Identify 5-Legged Dog Social Media Sites for Spreading Open Source Microfactories. Then post to these sites.
  11. Identify 5-Legged Dog Funders - people who fund 5-legged dogs to spread open source microfactories to their communities. Then pitch them to sponsor a student of choice. Recruit people who are qualified, but may not have the resources to attend STEAM Camps or Summer X
  12. Identify 5-Legged Dog Thought Leaders who can spread the word for us about collaborative-open source product development enterprises that we teach as a Distributive Enterprise
  13. Identify where announcements may be posted about STEAM Camps.
  14. Find out venues where potential steam camp instructors hang out.
  15. Add a testimonial page to the STEAM Camp announcement page.
  16. Post to open source hardware lists: OSHWA Mailing List, GOSH Mailing List, Circular Economy Mailing Lists (Ellen MacArthur Foundation), Shuttleworth Foundation Mailing List, Hackaday Challenge, Openbuilds, Wikifactory Newsletter, HeroX Mailing List, Crowd Supply Mailing List - integrating STEAM, SummerX, and Incentive challenge.
  17. Post to FLOSS groups - FOSDEM mailing list (big build of construction materials printer + shredders (1 week workshop before the event where we build CNC torch, shredder, filament maker, and BYOP (Bring Your Own Plastic trash, we'll gobble it up into Shilament, and large printer, before FOSDEM 21)
  18. Do Extreme Build of Large Printer: Amazon HQ, FB, Twitter, Google, Havas Edge, FOSDEM, Oracle, IBM,

Identifying Venues

Crowdsourced Marketing

Hey, let's ask our supporters to help us find venues for publicizing the STEAM Camp?

Open Source Microfactory STEAM Camp Crowdsourcing

Jeremy Marketing

So far Jeremy has taken good initiative and high schools are getting back to him - at least 2 of a list of 26.

See STEAM_Camp_Log#Jeremy_Marketing

  • Should put together a followup in the next week or two that is targeted around "Bring STEAM workshop to your School" and is geared towards illustrating our willingness to come to them, and shows off the recent success we've had with other schools around the country. PLUS highlights upcoming camp dates they can get on-board with.  Same end goal, different messaging.


  • Summer program managers - high schools