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May 29, 2020

Test driven development:

  1. 3D Printed CNC Mill Bit Holder
  2. Etchant pen?
  3. 3D Printed GT2 Belt
  4. 3D Printed 1.5" Bearing

Fri Apr 3, 2020

See Andreas Notes.

Sun Mar 8, 2020

Social media strategy by Andreas - [1] Facebook Social Media e-mail - [

Fri Mar 6, 2020

Meeting - March 6, 2020 - discussing University Chapters

  • How to address community?
    • Collab - start by calling out a collaboration ecology of 12 disciplines. Architecture - engineering - business - marketing - environemental studies - creative writing - media studies - computer science - production engineering - film and multimedia - landscape + urban - social work - English - International Affairs. AI and Augmented Reality. Entrepreneurial Aspect Must
    • Driver is a management person -
    • Once you are a team of people - decide what country you want to work with.
    • Build out a microfactory?
  • Next steps: build a narrative. OSE Chapter - Teach STEAM Camps - Design that Matters - Build Your Microfactory.
  • FB and Twitter - how do we measure results?
  • Set up a campaign. Through FB pixel. Probably need to set up some stuff on
  • FB pixel - ok - 20% of net spent on advertising.
  • FB boost - people who already like the thing.
  • Profile - through FB - there is a function called - Same Audience. Copy profile.
  • SEO and Social Media Strategy - suggested budgets. Social media is part of it.
  • Weekly events posted to Meetup or Eventbrite.

Fri Feb 28, 2020


Teacher Professional Development Hours WA State

Received back a link to List of Approved Providers. In discussions locally, it appears that the districts can approve these items at their level, or we can apply to get approved via Become an Approved Provider.

  • Deadline for approval is August 20 each year. Approval good Oct 1 to Sept 30 .
  • No fee to become approved
  • Must be non-profit
  • All School Districts, Charter Schools and Compact Schools in the state of Washington are automatically approved as clock hour providers. Partnering with schools for development hours is path of least resistance.

Career Counselors - approach to high schools.

Jeremy Marketing

I sent an email directly to 40 High School Career Councilors in the region with basic information on March camp and an offer that if this timing isn't convenient, lets start a dialogue about setting something up that works for the school. I gather this is getting passed around the last few days until it gets to the right decision makers.

I am also working the local universities, but it takes time to find the right contacts that will get our info out :-/

See email lists at STEAM Camp Marketing Plan for Jeremy's work

Jeremy Notes

Q:As we move into next round of workshops, what is instructor's need for liability insurance and operating structure?  Obviously need to have a business/entity that can be the 1099 contractor, and thinking an "event" insurance policy to cover the event (quotes from $100 to $175 online for 4 days).  I know OSE has liability waiver etc., wondering how this integrates with any OSE coverage, or what instructors need to assure is covered? Some venues will also require proof of event coverage, does OSE secure this or Instructor?

A:Ask the Venue

Q:What liberty can Instructors take in offering camps (4 day curriculum or less likely) outside of our planned dates and still count on OSE support logistically? Don't want to create a situation where OSE has to keep tabs on dozens of semi coordinated camps, and understand if at some point OSE needs to say "you can setup camps whenever you want, but you need to fund/collect/supply everything independently of OSE" or "just order the $599 printer kit and the rest is on you".

A:smaller camps are ok outside of schedule. OSE can provide organizational support + kit ship if you give us ideally 4 week advanced notice, and possibly less if we have kits stocked. I'm getting ready for some stocking here as the Camps are growing. We can do the 50/50 revenue share of net until we renegotiate - and would need to figure out the price structure for 2 day events. I think we have it for the 4 day event - what price structure would you suggest for the 2 day? With China shutdown, part cost for kits may increase up to 75% as we would need USA only sourcing, which I have not seen yet but this may very well happen in which case we need good backups/slight redesign.

As we grow, we collaborate on a new franchisee agreement that satisfies all sides.

Q: How do we find $$$ for participants that cannot afford the Cost?


Fri Feb 14, 2020

Wed Jan 8, 2020

Wed Jan 1, 2020

Tue Jan 7, 2020

Price strategy development. Remote option was $899, with US shipping covered. Upping it to true cost accounting - $600 materials, $100 prep, $450 for remote participation at $50/day (very fair), and 10% OSE fee - total of $1265. Period. The OSE fee should be 10-20% - and that is what grows OSE infrastructure and programming. Justification: 100% of revenue goes into public interest development as a nonprofit, so we can charge whatever people are willing to pay.

Original text - Remote Participation – $899 - Includes live access to the event over the internet for all the classroom, design, and build sessions - so you can collaborate with us in real-time. ALSO INCLUDES the full OSE Dev Kit - so you can participate in all the builds along with the live event. See detail of the Dev Kit at the Microfactory Prototyping and Developer Kit section above. Shipping included to USA and Canada only, with $50 more in shipping for anywhere else in the world.

Sponsorships from employers, CSR, benefactors, and other public-interest sources should cover participation of those who can't afford it.

Fri Dec 27, 2019

Roadmap for STEAM Camps projects:

  • January - Pi Tablet
  • March - Filament Making
  • May - Large Printer and Enclosure Printer and 80W Extruder