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Archived from 2019, this was on the Important Questions page for some reason:

At present, our work on the Global Village Construction Set is expanding to STEAM Camps where we teach skills, while developing real products. Our model here is: gather an A-team of instructors to deliver world-class curriculum. Attract participants with immersion learning and practical products. If the revenue model works, then we will have created a way to fund on-going, open source product development. OSE does a 50/50 revenue share with the instructor for each event. The financial projections look like this:


Is summary, the projections indicate that an instructor gets paid about $5-10k per event. If we can run a dozen events like this at the same time, then that is sufficient to build a solid enterprise.

One of the challenges to delivering the tight and immersive STEAM Camp Curriculum is that is The reason for doing a dozen events is that it allows us to involve a dozen instructors. While more difficult to organize, this addresses a critical question: how do you bootstrap rapidly to a world-class curriculum? The answer lies in collaboration: invite an A-team of insstructors to teach it.