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A log is used to communicate ongoing activity to other collaborators.

15 March 2021

Veganism (Major overhaul took hours, still not done)

10 March 2021

The Linux of Vaccines (Added RaDVaC). Seed Eco-Home Features‎ (added Lovins GreenHome 1.0). Biolab (updated and added links). One Community (added link).

9 March 2021

Part Library Protocol (Added potential partners). Open Source Hardware Projects (updated link). One Community Global (created page). Employee vs Entrepreneur (Added Cooperative). Cooperative (Created page).

8 March 2021

Talk:Employee vs Entrepreneur (mention cooperatives). Open Source House Projects (added link). User_talk:Eric (reached out about alternative to aquaponics).

6 March 2021

Aluminum Extractor (added MOE)

5 March 2021

Ruminants (added current peer reviewed research). Talk:Aquaponics (‎Alternative system). Glass Microspheres (Radiative Cooling Paint). Induction Furnace (added MOE). Ground (Tactile Rubber Flooring). Open Source Building Materials Construction Set (Tactile Flooring), Universal Design (Added Universal Design Product Collection). Seed Home v2 Requirements + Value Proposition (Added Universal design)

21 February 2021

Seed Eco-Home Features (presentation about integrated design).

20 February 2021

Seed Eco-Home Features (addedntegrated design for radical efficiency). The Principles Of Universal Design (created page)

19 February 2021

Seed Eco-Home Features (universal design resources and design plans). Open Source Microfactory Specification (added link to remote cnc) Biodigester (added links)