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  • Growth strategy - part of achieving vision, and directly relevant to current mission milestones.
  • Education strategy - for distributed design outside the organization. Part of edurecruiting and edumarketing strategy, centering on rapid learning infrastructures.
  • Collaboration strategy - how we collaborate within the organization, and how we diffuse this to other enterprises.
  • Product strategy - product choice, rollout, sequencing towards DSM and Technological Recursion
  • Customer service strategy - how do we become great at supporting our supporters
  • R&D Strategy - If we prioritize R&D (50% of net revenue) - how do we leverage our and other available resources to engage in large scale R&D, and eradicate duplication of R&D efforts between different organizations.
  • Culture Strategy - to create clear vision and missions - how do we align large numbers of people. Ie, how do we create a new global culture of collaboration (standing on the shoulders of giants (How to Stand on the Shoulders of Giants), collaborative tools and infrastructures, rapid learning infrastructures development, mindset of abundance.


See Scaling Rollout for the sequencing.