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  • Survivalists have a primal drive for guttertech, but young people have not yet gotten too scared - so their drive must come from creation, not fear.
  • Abundance mindset - not how little can we get away with, but how much while keeping it simple. This has an ambitious mindset - which calls for more complexity.
  • Checking into society and transforming it, not checking out.
  • Technophile but Skeptical of technofix.
  • Voluntary simplicity with high technology: we are all in it together.
  • Interested in 'purple collar work': Drive is gold collar work, with willingness to do blue collar work to get there to understand the subject matter at depth.
  • Ambitious top school candidate, but interested in the honesty of farm work.
  • Grit of sand paper, not jumbo cotton balls.


Guess On How to Create Integrated Humans

  • Integrated Humans are about avid lifelong learning supported by Neuroplastic Sublimation. In practice, cross training happens for the builder, designer, entrepreneur. Builder cross trains for design and entperprise over 8 years. Designer trains for building by one house build per year, and starting with the first month at 50/50 design/build, then after 4 years moves on to enteprise. In another 4 years from design-build-enterprise - there is cross training to all areas of human endeavor. After 12 years of training, one is a Global Steward and peak performer at the Edge of Knowledge, no question about it. Any single person can do it, integration is not based on rocket science, it is based on Moral Intelligence. The opposite of rocket science is moral intelligence.
  • Create a make-a-better-world person interested in lifelong learning, who loves life and diversity of things in it. Must have a drive for systems transformation. 5 legged dog, so we can only settle on creating them - with the enticement of exciting curriculum - promising sweat and tears to excellence.
  • Must have sufficient number of the above - people willing to learn and be created. We definitely cannot scale by expecting the qualities to be already present. Creating them takes longer. The package of transformation is a long-term investment.
  • It emerges from all experience (people don't want to learn new things) that the person has to be young, teachable.