Sep 3, 2016 - CEB Press CAD Design Sprint

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Design Sprint Recording






Working Doc



See Design Sprints for reference. In this design sprint, we will work on the 3D CAD for the CEB Press. The next build is on September 23, 2016 - and we are making updates.

For the first time in project history, we are generating a fully-editable, open source 3D CAD file for the CEB Press which anyone can edit and modify using the open source FreeCAD 3D CAD software.

We already have a STEP source file for the brick press, but the file was not generated in FreeCAD - so FreeCAD cannot be used to edit the step file. Thus, the only thing we can do is to generate the entire file from scratch using a swarm process.

The good part is - we can work as a large team to build all the individual parts - and then assemble them rapidly into a completed CEB Press model. This can be done as a tag team, so instead of taking a month to draft the entire brick press - this can be done in a few days.

The goal is to convert an uneditable file into a FreeCAD editable file - so that anyone can adapt the machine to their taste - and effectively convert the OSE CEB Press into a CEB Press Construction Set.


To join this session:

  1. Download FreeCAD - the open source 3D CAD program
  2. Download LibreCAD - the open sourcce 2D CAD program
  3. View the 2 classic OSE FreeCAD Instructionals, 10 minutes total.
  4. Download the 3 sets of DXF files for digital fabrication of the CEB press - the 1/2", 1/4", and 1/8" steel files at CEB_Press/Current_Downloads#CNC_Metal_Cutting_Files. Start with File:Ceb6unique half.dxf
  5. Download the CEB Press - File:CEBPressJuneGroup.fcstd. You can use the FreeCAD (.fcstd) file of the overall brick press to view the overall brick press.
  6. Open the DXF files in LibreCAD - and select one unique part you want to work on.
  7. Follow the directions at DXF Import into FreeCAD to generate 3D files from 2D files by padding them.
  8. Take the 3D parts and assemble them into 3D part assemblies in FreeCAD
  9. Take the 3D Part Assemblies and assemble them into the finished machine in FreeCAD.