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There are useful maybe but they clutter the controller page

Somewhat Improved Models

Soil Mixer Circuit Simulations
Series Circuit Sequence Valve Circuit Closed Center Valve Sequence Valve Circuit Open Center Valve
13.25 GPM through valve. Motor speed up to 4K RPM on cyl retract. When cylinder bottoms out, fluid has no path to tank and flow stops through the system. Whereas the third circuit has difficulty retracting the cylinder under heavy motor loads, this circuit has no such condition. Flow rate through motor significantly decreased when cylinder is traveling as all cylinder flow is lost to tank. If the motor is loaded more than 20Nm(maybe 40Nm, the cylinder cannot retract. I'm not entirely sure why this is yet. If the motor is loaded at 20Nm then the circuit behaves well and all flow from cylinder goes to motor during cylinder travel.
Series Circuit with Flow Control Series Circuit with Flow Control vs Sequence Valve Circuit - Response to Motor Load
Put the motor in parallel with the cylinder valve put put a flow control on the motor to force flow to the cylinder. This may cause too much heat for the flow control. The flow control valve is shows to have its limitations when the motor gets loaded. The cylinder is a low pressure path for the fluid when the motor is loaded.

Old Crappy Hydraulic Simulations

12/19/2019 (Getting Better Models)

Cylinder/Motor Circuits with Gear Pump
Series Circuit - 2500PSI Bypass Valve Sequence Valve Circuit 1 Open Center Valve Sequence Valve Circuit 2 Closed Center Valve
Motor gets no flow when cylinder bottoms out 1000PSI Sequence Valve Setting 1000PSI Sequence Valve Setting
Sequence Valve Circuit- Changing Variables Sequence Valve Circuits with Loaded Motor Series Circuit with Loaded Motor
In this video the sequence valve is set to ~500psi and I change parameters in the circuit including external torque on motor. Sorry about the audio. Interesting results. The load on the motor may be low because the hammers pivot out of the way. I'm not sure how to go about calculating it but I could figure out the minimum diameter of the rotor (hammers pivoted) and start there.

12/18/2019 (Lesser Quality Models)

Using demo version of FluidSIM

Series Circuits
Series Circuit with three way flow controller on motor With flow (q) and pressure (p) during the simulation
Sequence Valve Circuits
Using a pressure relief valve in the simulator as a sequence valve. Outlet from cylinder valve is plumbed through a check valve to motor.
high pressure remains at the pump outlet throughout simulation. something must be missing from the system or the valves aren't set right. Increases motor flow during retraction of cylinder. Interesting effect- I didn't expect it. This circuit isn't great because pump outlet pressure is constantly above 2700psi.

In both the above videos the setting of the two pressure relief valves changes motor speed and cylinder travel speed. I try to set it to minimize flow through main bypass valve.