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This page includes information about the entire electromechanical hydraulic control system for the soil mixer. This is a variant of CEB Press Controller v19.01

Controller Requirements

  • Needs to switch a double acting cylinder while running a hydraulic motor
  • Needs to cycle a dc motor for cement dosing
  • Water mister solenoid


  • Mega 2560
  • Relay Shield (3A)
  • External Relays boards for >3A
  • Fused Battery Connection
  • High Pressure Switch


Hydraulic Calculations

Hydraulic Cylinder Volumes. 2.5x12x1.25 Cylinder
Cap End Volume:((2.5in)/2)^2 * 3.14 * 12in =58.875 cu in
Rod Volume: ((1.25in)/2)^2 * 3.14 * 12in = 14.71875 cu in
Rod End Volume = 58.875 cu in - 14.71875 cu in = 44.15625‬ cu in

Cylinder Travel Speeds
Flow Rate Extend Time Retract Time
5 GPM 3.06s 2.29s
7.5 GPM 2.04s 1.53s
10 GPM 1.53s 1.15s
12.5 GPM 1.22s 0.92s
15GPM 1.02s 0.76s

Hydraulic Diagram


Hydraulic Circuit Simulation

20Nm Load on Motor

20nm load derived on mixer main page in design review section

Download Circuit:

Older simulations: /Hydraulic Simulation Archive

Production-Ready Circuit
Stepping Through This Circuit Automated For Viewing Convenience
0.jpg 0.jpg
Manually stepping through circuit with narration Automated, silent. Cylinder switched using pressure switch