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Steam Engine Build Instructions

The piston assembly consists of the following elements:

  • Piston head
  • Piston rings (2)
  • Valve pins (2)
  • Piston connector rod

Build the piston assembly as follows:

  1. Fabricate the piston using instructions in Steam Engine Build/Piston Head
  2. Purchase two piston rings with a 4 inch O.D.
  3. Fabricate two valve pins using instructions in Steam Engine Build/Bump Valve Pin
  4. Fabricate a piston connecting rod using instructions in Steam Engine Build/Piston Connector Rod
  5. Using a piston ring spreader, mount the piston rings on the piston head.
  6. Screw the two valve pins into the piston head face. Fit should be firm but take care not to break the pins.
  7. Check the fit of the piston assembly in the cylinder sleeve bore.

Note that the piston connector rod cannot be attached to the piston head until after it is inserted in the cylinder bore and the cylinder end mount attached.