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Steam Engine Build Instructions


The valve assembly consists of the following elements:

  • Valve cover
  • Valves (2)
  • Valve springs (2)
  • Valve spring bolts
  • Valve spring bases (2)
  • Cylinder mounting bracket



This is a detailed view of the top half of the valve assembly in cross-section drawn to scale.


Build the valve assembly using the following steps:

  1. Fabricate the valve cover using instructions in Steam Engine Build//Valve Cover.
  2. Fabricate two valves using instructions in Steam Engine Build/Valve.
  3. Fabricate two valve spring bases using instructions in Steam Engine Build/Valve Spring Base.
  4. Fabricate the cylinder mounting bracket using instructions in Steam Engine Build/Cylinder Mounting Bracket
  5. Purchase two valve springs.
  6. Purchase two spring bolts
  7. Insert the valves into valve spring holes

After the valve assembly is attached to the cylinder assembly (including the cylinder mounting bracket), the valve springs can be inserted into their holes and secured with the two valve spring bolts. Valve spring tension can be adjusted by backing off the valve spring bolts a bit. Sufficient pressure from the valve springs is needed to maintain a seal against the valve seats. Too much pressure may stall the engine due to insufficient force from the valve pins to lift the valves.