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A simple boiler implementation involves a Babington_Burner heating the inside of a 6 inch metal pipe of 1/8" wall thickness. A 100 foot long coil of 1/2 inch steel tubing is placed inside this coil, and an electronically-controlled Valve delivery system (note: in steam engine case, the 'solar boiler' in last link is replaced by the above 100-foot coil of steel tubing.

Design Rationale

  • Easy to fabricate
  • Welds around each tube - 48 welds
    • Tubes stick through end plate for welding
  • End plates covers are welded on afterwards
  • 40 square foot area, sufficient for 8 hp steam engine?



By VK Desai of

Not perfect idea. Flue gas path not shown. Boiler cover not shown. 40 sq feet enough for 4 hp steam engine.


Boiler Fuel: For transportation vehicles some biomass fuel energy densification is required. Pyrolisis fuels without elaborate processing look promising here is a brief summary of some methods

Stationary applications can probably get by with a simple style grate biomass boiler.

Flash Steam Generator

    • Coil bending jig - $400
    • Stainless steel coil, 150 feet - $200
    • Babington fittings and metal - $100
    • Dremel tool - $40
    • Dremel micro drill press - $40