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Target Market - Liberal Arts, Eco-Conscious Students

  1. Contact top liberal arts colleges / universities / alternative universities. Focusing on ones that are liberal arts, which have plenty of idealism and students typically come from wealthy families. Find student groups in their school student organization directory - related to open source, DIY, collaborative design, computer science, management, social enterprise, engineering without borders, enterprise clubs, 3D printing groups, microhouse groups, and any groups related to OSE work.
  2. Email them, and ask them about starting OSE Chapters at Universities for large scale collaboration. Part of chapters would be - learn to build 3D printers, start a 3D printer business, participate in Open Source Microfactory STEAM Camps, learn to be a STEAM Camp instructor, and get hands-on skils. So, You Want to Be an Open Source Microfactory STEAM Camp Instructor?
  3. Prediction on return on investment: for every 100 people that are contacted, one signs up for Summer X, and one is interested in starting an OSE Chapter. Test this..