So, You Want to Be an Open Source Microfactory STEAM Camp Instructor?

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Start with our video:


The easiest route to become an instructor is to participate in a STEAM Camp first to learn the collaborative devleopment techniques. Learning to become an instructor requires solid proficiency in building D3D Universal, building additional toolheads such as the plotter and CNC drill, proficiency in generating toolpath files with 100% open source toolchains, and the ability to convert ideas to reality - by designing in FreeCAD and 3D printing with D3D Universal. The goal for instructors is to be able to lead workshop participants in large-scale collaborative design, such as for engaging in the OSE Incentive Challenge. To this end, firm understanding of a basic, large scale collaboration protocol is required - as described in the OSE Collaboration Protocol. The idea is solving problems much larger than single individuals or even large organizations can solve - by coordinating a larger process with many diveerse tasks. We are also pursuing the startup of OSE Chapters at Universities and schools, so that we reach critical mass as multiple chapters collaborate on larger problems. Please also see our blog post on Scaling Open Source Product Development.

It is also possible to download the 3D printer design and build it completely from scratch, which would require more time and effort. The advantage of participating in a workshop is visible who don't have a lot of time, but have money to get on the fast track of learning. The advantage of a build from scratch


  1. Instructors should download OSE Linux
  2. Start with the 3 lessons of FreeCAD 101
  3. Learn the OSE Collaboration Protocol
  4. Understand the concept of Collaborative Literacy, Distributive Enterprise, and the Open Source Everything Store. The critical point is achieving critical mass, so the dev process is fast and irresistably superior to proprietary development.
  5. Understand why NC is not our friend if we are pursuing economic freedom. Understand that collaborative design is an antidote that lowers development costs, and thus is the fuel for viable, open business models. It relies on growing the pie for everybody.