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On this note they are very humidity dependent, ie using one in a desert vs using one in a rainforest/on a foggy day. So in where i live, Florida in particular they may work especially well! Most use Peltier Coolers so are pretty inefficient, especially if the Dew Point (may be the wrong term, check that) is very low, but they can use other refrigeration methods.

They also produce essentially distilled water (need to look up specifics, may need to use HEPA filtered air etc, or it may contain Particulate Matter + Pollen etc ) which is nice for some applications + *should* be relatively sterile (again depends on what is in the air around the condenser)

Also if combined with something to increase the percentage of the gas that is water vapor (ie a Desiccant-Humidifier Cycle Refrigeration ) it should raise the Dew Point making (at least that part of) the system use less power

I also wonder if something with a *very* high surface area would help with condensation, and would love to see what existing setups use (Metal 3D Printing and whatnot (that or POKE ) may allow for some novel gas-water contactors for that (also if flowing cool water would help production)

Just my kind of thoughts on all this i guess

--Eric (talk) 04:48, 1 August 2021 (UTC)