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Some thoughts of mine:

- Is this more of a batch type of thing, or a continious type of thing

- I think we should use some sensors to allow for monitoring of the inputs, the process, and the outputs. Also would allow for saftey features such as pressure checks

- We could use this Open Source Labratory Data Logger Construction Set or an off the shelf Vernier system

- Is there any agitation? Possibly an impeller on a long rod, or mabe magnetic stirrer(s)?

- Also do solid sediments need to be pedriotically removed, how is ths done?

- How to clean out the pipes etc if there is some sort of buildup, maybe flush the system with dilute bleach water for a while? (I have heard this is a problem with septic outflow beds, and some blackwater recycling systems

- Finally one concept i had for microbe control is: What if we get a sterile culture of some sort of non-pathogenic decomposer bacteria, grow a large amout in a seperate bioreactor taking in sterile growth medium, and add the effluent from that to this biodigester, to flood the microbiome with non pathogenic bacteria and thus destroy the competition. Granted this isn't full sterilization, but it could help for quite little input (sugar water, with nutrient powder)

--Eric (talk) 01:50, 13 January 2018 (UTC)

Some other questions:

  • Where is the gas stored in the current build(s), and is it metered?
  • Is there any sort of Biogas Upgrader in place, even a simple one like the one designed by Lucky Hill Farms ? )
  • Have there been any issues/maitnence needed in the current build(s)'s existence post 2018, if so what was it like?

Also a video tour / overview of the system "as built" would be great

--Eric (talk) 21:38, 26 April 2021 (UTC)