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Brick Height

After a brick is compressed, it is then pushed up against drawer part D1 before being ejected. Is the height of the brick being shortened by the thickness of D1? If the height of D2 is 6" and D1 is 0.5" thick, will the bricks be 5.5" tall instead of the desired 6"? --Dorkmo (talk) 00:04, 31 July 2017 (CEST)

Cement Dosing Ideas

  • Maybe need two seperate conveyors for dirt and cement that feed into a central mixer above the CEB press. Could use Load Cells (wikipedia) attached to small trap door style scoops that are released by a solenoid. could use a small electric or hydulaic motor attached to a screw feeder to put material on the scoop till the load cell reads a defined value. then shut off the motor. wait for a defined amount of dirt to feed then resume cement. would probably conveyor belts to feed from ground level too keep everything lower. --Dorkmo (talk) 03:17, 30 July 2017 (CEST)