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HintLightbulb.png Hint: Page should be updated, as there is some older v16.09 mixed in here

Development Template



See CEB Press Controller v17.08

Solenoid Valve


Control Code

See CEB Press Controller Genealogy for previous versions.

2017 version:




Updated CNC Cut Files

  • There are pieces cut from eighth inch steel, quarter inch steel, and half inch steel - marked accordingly
  • Broken line in 1/8" material is a bend line, which means it should also be cut.
  • Numbers in brackets refer to the quantities
  • Nesting in CAM file is on a 4'x8' sheet of steel - as a reference on the absolute size of the parts.



Build Instructions

Hydraulics + Controls


Language Agnostic Instructionals - Structure


User Manual

See CEB_Press_v17.08_Owner's_Manual

CEB Press Upgrades 2017 - Working Docs on Redesign




v16.09 in use without hopper and with manual controls to allow workshop participants to operate the machine hands on:


This was later taken to the CEB Microhouse Build in Belize

Cylinder Working Doc

CEB Cylinder

Improvements and Future Work

Our machine nears perfection. Last year we developed a modular CEB controller that is made from common parts and CAT 5 quick connects from controller to solenoids. We have tested a stationary soil mixer last year. This year the several improvements include:

  • Further Simplification of drawer guides
  • Visual logic programming via Ardublock
  • CNC torch table cutting with the D3D CNC Torch Table. We will do various test cuts to verify parts fit, though we will be outsourcing from our local fab shop so that we have a guaranteed parts set on hand.
  • CNC-cut Power cube with the same frame design as the D3D frame.
  • Open Source CEB Cylinder. Hydraulic open source cylinder for serviceability . Cylinder sourcing has been problematic due to our specific requirements, so we will make our own from a kit, while starting to explore the 3D printability of cylinder seals.
  • New brute force mixer/rock crusher that doses cement for full control and complete mixing of soil, going for commercially-viable block. The concept is just begun, full design is forthcoming.


  • Poka-yoke the grate frame sides
  • Cut angle poka-yokes for the frame mid, bottom, top

Team Needs

  • Check.pngCEB CAD upgrades - starting from data collection on last year's machine

Advanced Soil Preparation Concept

CEB Soil Preparation Concept

Future Work

CEB Press Future Work