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Stumbled upon this in looking for the Appropriate Technology page.

I think this is moreso a crituque of No-Till Agricultue vs Low-Till Agricultue vs Till Agricultue.

I need to get in contact with some expert on this (maybe my grandpa, he was an "ag agent" in Ohio), but if i remember correctly, it is kind of case by case, and often you rototill once to kind of get a "starting point" then continue with the low/no till? Granted that is top of my head, and...topsoil (pun?) is probably far more complicated, and i don't know if having a "blank slate" / easier first plant is better than the degredation to the existing soil?

Valid crituqe, but not of technology i guess. Especially since if there isn't an open source one, others can still be used, and i'm quite certain people will encounter OSE devices, as well as some associated agricultural "schools/philosophies", so the risk of increasing "topsoil eroding technology prolifreation" is low?

Juat my take.

--Eric (talk) 20:22, 14 March 2021 (UTC)