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Stumbled Upon this page, in looking for a comparison of the Filament Maker (ose's development, which i guess in-wiki as is still refers to the older design/name?), to the Recyclebot in discussion with people looking for a FDM Filament Maker in a discord conversation. This type of comparison/standard is common, and being able to have some "hard numbers" or a page to "throw them at" is a SERIOUS NEED. This issue of interfacing the average person with the labyrinthian wiki is a serious issue without any immediate solution that needs to be adressed.

I'm rambling but Is the fact that the recyclebot is 2x better still valid? And was that an inacurate skim of the page by me? If so what is the correct "apples to apples comparison?"

--Eric (talk) 00:28, 18 Febuary 2020 (UTC)