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stl creation

Size Selection


Typically available as 4' x 8' in USA. 1200 x 2400 mm in Europe.


laser cutting service, max size 15.1" wide

2D cutting

Laser cut steel...?

CNC shopbot cut plywood...?

liverpool fork

might merge this fork into ose fork? looks like they tweaked the electronics and added a few features.

Thread Feeding

Var and Mar use a thread hook attached to a makerbream frame. The position of this hook seems to be adjustable, so its final position in relation to the needles is a little unclear.

Considerations and Thoughts:
  • Need to avoid the needle's latch in all it's possible positions.


Stepper Driver

Arduino Motor Shield


void goUntil(byte action, byte dir, float stepsPerSec);

Start the motor moving, according to the acceleration profile, either FWD or REV, at stepsPerSec rate, until a switch even occurs. When the switch event occurs, one of two things happens, based on the value passed to action: if RESET_ABSPOS is sent to action, the ABS_POS register is reset to zero. If COPY_ABSPOS is sent, the ABS_POS register is copied into the MARK register.

Either way, once the signal is received, either a hard stop or a soft stop will occur. The mode is determined by the setSwitchMode() function: passing SW_HARD_STOP to setSwitchMode() results in a hardstop, while passing SW_USER results in a soft stop.

Easy Driver

Big Easy Driver


I have no Idea how this code stuff works (to the point I may be breaking this sector), nor do I know much about the textile industry/crafting, but are you calculating around here how to design a Open Source Linear Knitting Machine? I read Linear and got excited. - User:Eric
Hey Eric, the process is basically the same but the machine is quiet different. I dont have any plans to work on a linear machine but i'd be happy to give tips. Let me know if youre interested. OpenScad is pretty fun to learn. --Dorkmo (talk) 19:01, 26 March 2019 (UTC)


video shows how the further down the needle goes, the looser the stitch