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Have Metal Roofs / Metal Roofing been considered? (I found a page under one of those names earlier). They are VERY durable, and supposedly offer some insulation benefits? Also the long term maitenence is way less that shingles etc. I know at least here in florida with storm damage being hell for shingles, they are becoming a great option.

Main concerns would be:

  • Noise from rain on roof
  • Aesthetics
    • Some s u b u r b s don't allow them, but this is changing as they are being adapted to not just be "shiny sheet metal", and as people learn of their benefits (listed above)
    • Also if designed FOR them, rather than retrofitted, their aesthetic can add to the overal design's appeal, not subtract from it

--Eric (talk) 2:46, 16 October 2020 (UTC)