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My Recommendations:

  • Written Media:
    • Like you said "Air Force Magazine", "Proceedings", all those military-for military reading type things which are written by people who know what they are talking about from the military operations aspect
    • The Economist (Good Coverage Overall)
      • Also Pretty Good for most things overall, although one does need to be cognizant and look out, as every so often they do very neoliberal pieces (one article was the writer being all upset over the protections in some new leftist but not authoritarian (at least for now, fingers crossed) government in south america, i forgot the countries/article, but yeah)
    • NPR (also publishes scripts / articles) does good day by day coverage and some interviews of Ukrainian Soldiers / Civilians caught in the middle of it all) (not as great for in-depth strategy or politics talks, but good for "oh they recaptured that city" etc)
  • Videos:
    • Adam Something (YouTube Channel)
      • While not an expert, they do cite sources and post them in the description and seem to isolate their "takes" / predictions from the facts quite well
      • Also Originally from Hungary so like Marcin i feel they have some of that "this is happening next door" / memories to past invasions of their homeland based drive that sadly the increasing number of isolationists here in the USA don't have
      • A YouTube Video by the YouTube Channel "Adam Something" Titled "The War in Ukraine: Why 2024 Will Be Decisive" ( ~20 Minute Watch )
        • Decent summary, and with some interesting scenarios of how things could go. Unsure on the USA analysis, that has me especially spooked
      • They also have This Playlist although everything except the last 2 is pretty much obsolete
    • A YouTube Channel Called "Covert Cabal"
      • Goofy name, but professional format, and AMAZING OSINT work on Russia's remaining Mothballed Tanks, IFVs, Artillery / SPGs etc
        • They did this with Maxar Satellite (and other) Photos of bases/hunting around and were basically just getting highest zoom on non-cloudy days and counting tanks
        • Did get decent non-classified numbers, which is wild. Used to be you needed (quite literally since the telescope was ADAPTED FROM spare spysats) a Hubble Telescope esque satellite or a U2/SR-71 to do this type of stuff and now anyone with a PC and some cash+time to burn can!
      • Also good analysis overall
    • Perun
  • Vice News has plenty of very good on the ground reporting, although largely from the pre-2022 phases
  • OSINT:
  • I personally don't use twitter...or rather the only stuff i see is whatever diffuses into what i watch/read, but here are some things i know of:
  • Also in terms of background, granted i knew about the "little green men" and the basics of the Annexation of Crimea / early war, but this video went over the context all the way back to late soviet history, and also went over the mess that was the USSR breakup and the corruption that ensued. Multi-Part series, so decently long watch, but i'd 100% recommend it:
  • That's about all i got, and i especially don't dig into too much OSINT stuff, but thought it couldn't hurt to throw these links out there
  • Here's to hoping Ukraine puts Putin and his Military back in it's place, with Allies not abandoning them, and we can get to rebuilding!

--Eric (talk) 20:15, 7 March 2024 (UTC)

--Eric (talk) 23:15, 4 May 2024 (UTC)

I'm so pissed at our government delaying the aid so much. Similar to how China has a "Closing Window" for invading Taiwan, it seems Russia is (albeit supposedly) mounting a major offensive now before the aid gets in (ie while they are rationing Artillery Shells / Missiles etc). It's just brutal because if MTG and those types didn't hold shit up this probably wouldn't have happened. That and some people are seeing this and then going "oh well supporting them is useless " so we may get a feedback loop / death spiral going.

Here's to hoping though, and Defending is easier than gaining territory i guess.

--Eric (talk) 23:15, 4 May 2024 (UTC)