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We estimate the market size for relocalization towards circular economies to be around $30T, the size of the primary and secondary sectors of the economy (see Google Presentation for tipping point calculation towards a collaborative, open economy). As such, this affords the possibility of large scale collaboration towards transforming the economy towards open and collaborative, as in the OSE Vision. The Open Source Microfactory Mastermind would be a dedicated groups of open, collaborative developers who are interested in being owner-operators of enterprises in a local, circular economy. They collaborate globally, and have lofty ideals, and build locally so they don't sit on armchair theory.

Areas of OSE development include the Open Source Microfactory STEAM Camps for broadscale participation in collaborative design, the Summer of Extreme Design-Build focusing on larger-scale prototyping, and Incentive Challenges for Distributive Enterprise development.

For the STEAM Camps, we are recruiting instructors and marketing to participants. The working question is clear definition of the target audience. Here are some notes. Also see Marketing.

Open Source Microfactory Mastermind

What we work on and how we work:

  1. We agree on a product roadmap
  2. Product strategy - we develop product strategy for each product
  3. Marketing strategy -
  4. Owner Operators - producers in local economies who move up in management over time
  5. Any investor is required to also be an operator until finalized production is defined
  6. Community not for community sake but for transformative movement entrepreneurship
  7. Teacher/builder/researcher. No basic research - applied product research for accountability to closed loop material cycles at the community scale
  8. Open source version of Fab City
  9. Collaborative version of Fab Academy
  10. People who envision common products being made in their own community, so that we reach the circular economy
  11. Distributed, open marketing templates, like Clickfunnels but open source and distributive
  12. Profile - disposable income higher than average. Looking for meaningful work with purpose. Sideline to full time. Interested in sharing knowledge. Has courage sufficient to share source code of economic value (product design, production engineering, product strategy, business plan). Is interested in ethical systems transformation without compromising to adapt to system (The Unreasonable Man) Understands societal critique without invoking victim mentality (They are out to get you. Who are 'They'?) See Juice Rap News 30.
  13. Possible profile - libre hacker ethical cooperator (distinct from supercooperators, who have no limits to working outside of their own cultural base)
  14. Possible profile - open-minded Fab shop owner who wants to diversify their range of services, but needs to learn more about open collarative protocols
  15. Possible profile - People with tech background but don't have hands-on skills. 20's or early 30s in tech sector. With motivation to have meaningful impact.
  16. Possible profile - ethical entrepreneur who questions structural evil and has a successful business that participates in Structural Evil to the least extent possible.
  17. Someone who is well versed in systems-based conceptualization of structural evil, and has the ambition to transform it more than the ambition to benefit from it. Has the wisdom to distinguish enterprise that can move the dial (ethical scalability), vs pursuing fringe movements that do not consider systems thinking or are violent in their nature.

Growing an audience

The target audience for the full OSE mission may be a very limited one. Instead, it may be wise to think in terms of wider audiences, such as people that are interested in how thinks work. For example, there is an interesting and popular YouTube channel that tries to understand how things work: How To Make Everything. Focusing on such an audience and introduce them gradually to the principles of OSE may be a good approach. See the following notes on marketing.

Targeting an audience on YouTube

The following page describes how to target an audience on YouTube: Targeting a specific audience.

Feedback - Don Jacobsmeyer

You’ve articulated some of the “what”, you haven’t talked about the “who”. I’d encourage you to humanize this audience. Give one a name, talk about them by name. Let’s say Frank.

Frank has X skills and Y social interests. He’s fascinated by the potential for ABC but hasn’t come across a highly actionable model to take X + Y and create a small scale version of ABC. So instead he finds himself toiling away on DEF which just frustrates him further because there’s no self fulfillment in it.

Try to insert your other concepts in this narrative and see where it goes.

Frank has X skills and Y interests...

Please write down below something that describes your goals, motivations, and needs - and how OSE's STEAM Camps or Summer X 2020 can meet those needs:

Profiles for different people:

#Jeremy - Entrepreneur with a major DIY mindset. I am looking for meaningful work that can impact society in a positive and ethical manner. I have a large amount of discretionary time available 6 months per year. I am interested in sharing knowledge, teaching and inspiring those around me with the incredible potential of OSE and Open Source Hardware. I want to broaden others' understanding of the world and to inspire young people with the myriad of possibilities that OSE projects/hardware makes available. I hope to establish a makerspace/microfactory locally through bootstrapping and partnerships in my community. The end goal is a self funding non-profit dedicated to advancing open source hardware development by involving and educating in the local community.

#Don -

#Randy - We hoard financial, material, and proprietary intellectual resources for financial gain. Knowledge, comfort, energy and wealth have been created from intense generational effort and investment. This benefited everyone somewhat. How can we best use our discretionary time, attention, material and financial resources and clever ideas? Entire continents lack even marginal shelter, food production, healthcare, water and power. Patent protection has attracted massive investment capital and innovators. Open Source invites collaboration and sharing instead of hiding and hoarding. It attracts a different group of participants. This initiative is not attempting to build a few essential devices. It aims to change the relative composition of users and producers in the local and worldwide economy for the benefit of all.

As a financial professional, mba, cpa, I have worked with established corporations, and a new company developing hydrogen energy and computer hardware and software. I co-founded a consulting company with clients such as United Technologies, GE Plastics, Cytec, Mississippi Chemical, Rubbermaid, and Chrysler. We observed and documented all manufacturing equipment. I helped re-write the Constitution of the State of Hawaii as an elected delegate in 1978. I have an MA in Curriculum & Development, and taught math in urban public middle and high schools. I love supporting the vision of Marcin, Catarina, and others I have met as we continue to iterate and improve Open Source documentation, devices, structures, events, and participants. If you examine a graph of exponential growth, for a long time it appears as though there is almost no growth. Suddenly growth explodes. Open Source will follow that curve. Open Source is practical, accessible, and inevitable.

#Vasco -

#Ian - I'm a technologist and educator currently on the leadership team of a small charter-like high school. I am also the digital technology teacher at the school.  I am passionate about equipping youth (specifically indigenous youth) with the tools to create their own career pathways, having the technical skills to solve real-world problems and ultimately building the future that them, their family and communities want. I believe the OSE has the right vision and skill to empower a generation of collaborative innovators on a global scale that together could achieve any level of self-determined aspirations.

#Daniel - I'd like to be able to build things. For myself, my family and friends, for my local community and for the wider society. Being able to build gives me an agency in the world that I am hungry for. It is a gateway to unleashed creativity, self-sufficiency and a more meaningful life.

I'd also like others to have the same opportunity. To get back in touch with their own creative power. To work together to actively solve the problems we face, rather than just tweet about it. Let's wake up and realise that the abundance we seek is within our grasp.

#Benoit - participant in Summer X 2020 - I'm interested in learning how things work and being able to replicate without the help of any black box. Replication (can be called reinventing the wheel) is interesting because it validates your understanding and gives more autonomy - relying too much on the technology of a hyper-specialized civilization is a bit like believing in magic.

Also I enjoy it very much. So I got acquainted with some maths/algorithms, DIY signal processing, robotics, reverse eng, electronics; things that can be done in front a computer for the most part. At some point, interacting with the real world becomes necessary; with a limit set of resources and without a very broad set of skills it gets very difficult.

In order to build useful and interesting machines/processes and make this knowledge available, without jumping through so many hoops, I'm keen on learning manual skills, applied engineering and whatever else at the OSE STEAM Camp. Hopefully I'll also be useful with my less hardware oriented skills.

#Jessica - Jessica is an urbanist, designer, sculptor, and community catalyst. A licensed landscape architect,raised in the northern forests, trained in the legacy arts of stone carving and metallurgy, she understands the world as a continuum, and strives not to critique existing modus operandi but to replace them with something entirely new. She teaches ecological systems to architecture and landscape architecture students where an understanding of how the abiotc, biotic, built/ social, and disturbance patterns create the unevenness of space we experience becomes a tool for design from global to detail scales.

In her design practice that has taken her around the globe, she seeks models other than the traditional client and consultant roles to build, apply, and develop the most creative solutions imaginable to serve the community of place. This has been the most challenging at home where progressive ideas are thrown around as political tactics and market forces are the rip tide to equity.

She has been looking for others who know what an engaged design process means and can do to empower a community. In need of collaborators and expertise in electronics and programming to develop she trusts her intuition about OSE STEAM Camp and intends to share her experience and provide training for others who are interested in making the collective the five legged bottom line.

#Mutton - Mutton is a movement entrepreneur interested in solving all of the world's most pressing grand challenges. He is fascinated by the potential of collaborative development, and thinks that all of the world's problems can be solved by first identifying them, and creating a school in which students work explicitly on tackling these problems. His mental model states that we must start at the level of how the world provides an economic basis for people - literally turning abundant dirt and twigs into the lifestuff of modern civilization.

He has been looking for a way to fund a school based on a promise of distributed, relocalized, circular economies, and has discovered that people are willing to pay for applied, hands-on, entrepreneurial education. But right now, Mutton is missing the organizational support to translate his vision to build his school. He further wants to have no investors who are not direct stakeholders (either students or teachers) in the school - making startup harder. He has found that finding such direct stakeholders is difficult, so he decided to join the OSE STEAM Camps program to find more aligned people, so he can staff the school that he wants and populate it with students.

#Jeff -