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Editing google slides template, master


Midsummer bank holiday. STEAM camp meeting edit


Review & consolidate: Google Ad Grant Strategy in Marketing, with STEAM Camp budget Template, Marketing log, new budget calculations - Google sheet -> is 800 USD for 1 weekend, with uppsale of 750USD for comming weekends too much. if they buy a package of 3 weekends they get them for 600 USD each, and can get 1000USD back (out of 1800) if after the first weekend they don't want any more weekends. edit


Curiculum Development google slides, Marketing Automation, EFORGE | 3D Print Electronics On-Demand, Trying to get automatic gant calculator for google excel open-sourced by the author<- mail sent - Distributed Manufacturing of Open-Source Medical Hardware for Pandemics - Joshua Pearce


Comments on Final Marketing Support, Estimated need for our STEAM Camps Rainbow Deep Reinforcement Learning. Developing open-source general intelligence. <- fixing attention memory and to newer pytorch and from python 2 to python 3.


CE, FCC, and EG product certification edit


OSE Universal axis in 2 hours FreeCAD in 1 hour OSE Lesson - Universal Axis Freecad wiki - PartDesign Body


OSE Lesson - Universal Axis OSE Lesson - Universal Axis Ray Dalio Myths About Open Source<- source article has good points reg version control I think we can improve with e.g. Guenter's solution. would be interesting to utilize that also on our documentation, and not only our product-files. [Idavall development]



2020-06-2 & 3

Reviewing: youtube - planetary gear, Previews STEAM meeting, May 8th,Dev Team - Collaborative Marketing - Part 2 are we still on for meetings automatically?

Updating: [1]

People: received update from Siraj - he's got the prints. what curricullum is most stable to do there though? Asked miss Lee for update. To do: William, Don.


3D files .obj, .stl .3MF, which three are core for a good 3D printing service? 3D printing analysis API, mail for cost for 3D printing repair API (no open source?) Update: KiKad. Message@slack Need marketing triage. take it on an ROI basis in terms of cost + manhours alike.


AI overview Upwork outsourcing skype call, feauture requests


KiCAD in 1-hour


edit edit


Stylle transfer learning with Keras, Tensorflow and Jupyter notebook on cloud


outsourcing, artificial intelligence, introduction to Jupyter notebook, Open source alternative to Adobe Xd for User interface design. Curricullum Minimal Viable Circular Economy - 2 versions. The one-dimensional man pdf, Article: workout to electricity (<300Wh?), Recruitment

2020-04-27, Mon

<- is open-source the best way for ressillient cooperative behavio? (should remember to add logs) April 2020, Cloud architect: Docker vs Kubernetes

Thur-Fri Apr 23-4, 2020



2020-04-22, Wed

Marketing-social media buffers, Template:InfoboxMarketing, March Google Present

2020-04-21, Tue

Google Ad Grant Strategy,Marketing, Google ad grant strategy working doc OSE Lesson - Universal Controller - 1 hour, Template:Lesson-trashcan, Event marketing timeline template, my overall marketing tactics for event management, Installing Linux on virtual box, OSE Lesson - Universal Axis


2020-04-20, Mon

Marketing, August 2020 STEAM Camp, [[]],OSE STEAM Camp Lesson Plan, wiki page review

2020-04-19, Sun

Call with Siraj, Taiwan notes & updates

2020-04-17, Fri

OSE Kanban Board, Template:Steam-9-enroll, wiki overview, OSE STEAM Camp Schedule, STEAM Kanban, Template:RequiredReading

2020-04-16, Thur

Template:Steam-9-enroll, wiki overview, OSE STEAM Camp Schedule, Andreas Critical Path

2020-04-15, Wed

Template:Steam-9-enroll,Template:Lesson, wiki overview, OSE Lesson - FreeCAD - 1 hour, OSE STEAM Camp Schedule ---How do you transclude a section of a article from the main namespce? I only get the entire page.... Neither of this works:

FreeCAD 101#Lesson_1:_OSE_FreeCAD_Tutorial_1, neither versions of it, with space instead of _

Nor does the #lst:articleX|chapter1 work See wikipage abut section specific transclusion

2020-04-14, Tue

Template:Steam-9-enroll, wiki overview, Template:Infobox STEAMcampOSE STEAM Camp Schedule, Template:Lesson, Template:Lesson-trashcan, OSE Lesson - FreeCAD - 1 hour, OSE Lesson - Welcome & OSE Introduction - 1 hour, OSE Lesson - How to Start an Open Source Project - 1 hour

2020-04-13 Monday

Creating Infoboxes for templates, Template:Lesson-trashcan, OSE Lesson Repository, Template:Infobox STEAMcamp, Template:Lesson, OSE Lesson - Welcome & OSE Introduction - 1 hour, Wiki repository, OSE Lesson - How to Start an Open Source Project - 1 hour, about wiki links, so that I shorten name of internal links,

Friday, Apr 10th, 2020

Wiki overview link

Andreas Critical Path, Template:STEAM Camp Kanban, OSE STEAM Camp lesson review

Thursday, Apr 9th, 2020

wiki pages review, Marketing, Marketing Automation, OSE Kanban Board, Sheet Kanban, Slide Kanban, <- See instructions in OSE Kanban Board for how to get rid of the annoying menus. The logic of the sheet should be correct now even without dates.

Wed, Apr 8th, 2020

Andreas Critical Path, Teaching Module Requirements for STEAM Camps,Critical Path STEAM Camp Blocks Template, Templates in Mediawiki, Template:Lesson, MediaWiki - Basic formatting of templates - Tutorial 8

Tues, Apr 7th, 2020

Personal Peak Performance Wiki-review - Wiki goal: be able to find any doc within 10 sec for anyone

view & comment Overall Project Tracking - OSE STEAM Camp - 2020

Mon Apr 6th, 2020


Wiki page review

STEAM Camp Course Breakdown

[2] See if these personality tests are good. Entrepreneurs, ressilience (that one wasn't good). Video of Team Meeting - Open Source Microfactories + COVID. See [[3]] Limited Flutter 3D display Dart Flutter viewer Peak Performance Programmes

Friday April 3rd, 2020

Meeting discussion points STEAM camp 2020 10x_Is_Easier_Than_2x Learnings from 10x_Is_Easier_Than_2x

Thur April 2, 2020

Review of STEAM Camp reviews STEAM camp 2020 Follow up with Luke & Siraj.

Wed April 1, 2020

Wiki review IT engineer volunteer and doctor volunteer who both are available for team meetings. STEAM camp 2020. Open_Source_N95_Face_Mask#COVID_Dashboard Open_Source_N95_Face_Mask_Requirements_+_Value_Proposition#Notes Good photometri video

Sat Mar 28, 2020

Open_Source_N95_Face_Mask#COVID_Dashboard, OSE-only Survey results including e-mail addresses, Public Survey results excluding e-mail addresses, Product Feedback, Mediawiki template tutorial

Fri Mar 27, 2020

Draft of why OSE would use tracking cookies Open_Source_N95_Face_Mask

Fri Mar 20, 2020


March 8th, 2020

OSE Social Media - [5] Facebook e-mail - [6]

March week 1, 2020

Talks with Siraj, Alana, Wendy. Setting up interview with Luke. Siraj starts sourcing parts for the late spring event

Monday-Tuesday 12-26th Feb, 2020

Recruuitment. Talks with Siraj, Wendy, and Ousia. Talk with Alana rescheduled to 3rd of January.

Monday-Tuesday 10-11th Feb, 2020

STEAM Presentation

Saturday-Sunday 3st-9th Feb, 2020

Recruitment (LinkedIn, mails, talk to potentials)

Saturday-Sunday 1st-2nd Feb, 2020


Monday-Fri 20th-31st Jan, 2020

pipeline Worked on 3 leads. Will go down to part time in Feb which should release more time to recruitment.

Monday-Sunday 13-19Jan, 2020

pipeline (Once I have 2-3 onboard I'ld like to review the marketing plan). Main obstacle: current employer drains too much time which means I have to resort too much on generic messages which drives down conversion rates. Ideal solution... get this to work asap, (but sustainably).

Monday-Sunday 5-12Jan, 2020

pipeline I've engaged my primary list of candidates. Selling and getting them to apply for the next phase. Pending on initial results I'll post the add as well, but the existing engaged list is plenty enough for now.


Recruiting: pipeline Writing a "how to interview" guide Interviewing.

Saturday 4th Jan, 2020 :)

Recruiting: pipeline Leads

Friday Jan 03, 2020

Bolean strings. E-mail & LinkedIn templates for prospecting. Sourcing. Meeting the team, adding them to social media (only one have LinkedIn, one have only FB? and one has neither??). Notes to self: the technological effort seems to be there. Sales: I have either not seen their marketing strategy, or it doesn't really exist or it is not being executed, or it is for other sessions (outside the scope of the upcoming video, which is quite in the last moment, plus, is there a dispersion plan for the video as well?). Does the team members spread it through their channels and through local marketing? And if not, why not?

Thursday Jan 02, 2020

Sourcing Spreadsheet. Job Position Template. Profiling. STEAM Instructor Job Opening. Recruitment Tools, Pipeline, and Procedures .

Need to work on the application flow and candidate data management. Effectivity vs openness vs SPI, esp in regards to legislation. What about contracts? Are there any ready made agreements?

Wednesday Jan 01, 2019

Requisition Form Req resrch. Redesign req workflow for new tools.

Friday Dec 27, 2019

Rewrite recruitment workflow as majority of tools are unavailable. Identify free/cheap alternatives and new processes/workrounds. Biggest obstacle: can't really use my existing account. Alternative workaround is to only collect but not engage, or to engage through e-mail instead (not as effective but, well, make it work). Summary of tool review: Recruitment Tools, Pipeline, and Procedures

Saturday Dec 14, 2019

Working on strategy and operation of: event marketing, event SEO optimization, Twitter advertisements, How to analyze influencers and trending, facebook marketing - pages vs groups - techniques to turn cold facebook leads into warm leads, outreach through large event portal and small portals and its impact on SEO, financial considerations, review and re-iterate task splits and team organizing recommendations.

Monday Nov 18, 2019

Updated/Clarified my Q&A to Marcin's e-mail

Sunday Nov 17, 2019

Reviewed OSE STEAM wikipages. Revised my strategy. Asked questions before final proposal consisting as taking it at face value and suggesting an alternative. Add Partner CRM Sheets into excel pipeline, event gantt chart, set up overall project tracker.

Monday Nov 11, 2019

Andreas steam camp proposal

Sunday Nov 10, 2019


Friday Nov 8, 2019

Andreas steam camp proposal

Wednesday Nov 6, 2019

Project plan

Saturday Oct 26, 2019

Editable Copy of the STEAM Camp Senior Project Manager Announcement Course content tracker. Project Plan. Timeline. Cashflow document. Project charter (co-create)

Friday Oct 25, 2019

OSE Event Trello Board OSE Recruitment Pipeline

Mon Nov 30, 2015

Project Team charter

Fri May 11, 2015

Wed June 10, 2015

Google hangout, Leadership development.

Tue June 9, 2015

In the end of the google-hangout for ledership development talk.

Mon June 8, 2015

Debian notes

Wed May 20, 2015

Tue May 19, 2015

Leadership styles.

Wed May 11, 2015

Collaborative Literacy. Move parts of OSE Leadership Draft into Team Leader Training. Moved it back again. Got help from Ellen with document. I put in more things, some examples for what it means for OSE, also links to surveys to test these leadership attributes.

Tue May 12, 2015

OSE Leadership Draft

Mon May 11, 2015

Insightful interview about OSE's approach to collaboration. Collaboration.

Sun May 10, 2015

Presencing Institute.

Sat May 9, 2015

OSE Leadership Draft Delete part about teams as this is already existing in Team Leader Training?

Thu May 7, 2015

Talk about OSE Leadership Draft Aim at Collaborative literacy.

Wed May 6, 2015

Trying to re conceptualize accordingly Leadership Draft.

Mailed Ellen Wheeler for another perspective of the Leadership Development.

Tue May 5, 2015

Leadership Draft.

Mon May 4, 2015

Collaboration analysis: (Inductive) Concept Formation.

Sun May 3, 2015

Leadership Draft.

Value assessment. Interview about collaboration with Jonathan Kocurek.

Sat May 2, 2015

Leadership Draft. Collaboration assessment.

Fri May 1, 2015

Andreas Leadership Development

Thu Apr 30, 2015

Leadership Draft Research Likely to Be Participatory Ethnography to get to know the organisation, which will help uncover unknown processes, before an thorough leadership program can be made. Avoid quick fix and do it through the values requires deep knowledge of organisational culture to tailor it to fit the underlying philosophy.

Wed Apr 29, 2015

Andreas Leadership Development Mailed Supervisor to Revise Topic to Leadership Development.