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  • A Portable Cutting / Beveling Machine that uses either an Oxy-Fuel Torch or a Plasma Torch and a "tractor" on a track (essentially imagine a large gauge model train)
  • This allows for manual torch cutting/beveling to be replaced with an automated, fast, precise, and repeatable process
  • Given the track is collapsible, and the "tractor" is small it is still quite portable unlike a full on CNC Torch Table
  • Hand grinding a 22 or 45* bevel on (need to grab the specifics, was it 3/4 inch?) Mild Carbon Steel Plate will take you ~15-30 min per plate, hand cutting is probably ~30 seconds each, granted setup in between plates varies, this setup can churn out one every 15 seconds or so with Oxy-Acetylene , especially once you get in a rhythm
  • Not sure on applications outside of Test Plates (supposedly long cuts as well?)

Potential Improvements / Adaptations

  • Could potentially be automated with a Bar Stock Feeder, and adjustable end stops (as well as either an auto ignite + flow control (akin to that being developed for the CNC Torch Table , or a Plasma Torch
  • The "tractor" should be simple and cheap to make, need to look into specifics
  • Could also use a form factor similar to the I-Beam Monorail to allow even using on-site materials as the track, have a modular wheel component perhaps for quick swapping?
  • Could also have a "rover" version akin to that CNC Router Rover project
  • Used for 1D and potentially 2D Cuts
  • May be adaptable to just use a Universal CNC Axis in a similar form factor to a Camera Slider ?
  • Should be MUCH cheaper that the ~4,500 USD Price Tag, and maybe even get more features in it!

Industry Standards

Victor® VCM 200 Portable Cutting Machine



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