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This page explores what tools are useful for various cuts - based on material, speed (IPM, CPM), precision, blade cost, blade duration, and practicality.


  • Carving knife for insulation - [1]

Hole Saw

Reciprocating Saw

  • Wood, metal.
  • There are blades for concrete and brick - [2]



The Open Source Water Jet Cutter emerges as a possibility for the GVCS, due to an open source version that has been demonstrated by hacking a pressure washer to 3300 PSI. This example demonstrates 1/8" aluminum cutting at 1 IPM, and 3/8" hardwood cutting. Remarkable results at 3300 PSI.

We can readily go to 10000 PSI with standard, low-cost hydraulic cylinders, and using them to pressurize water. One larger cylinder can press on a smaller hydraulic cylinder to allow a standard 3000 PSI pump to create the 10000 PSI rated pressure. As such, this lends itself readily for replication.

Combined with oxyhydrogen cutting, and other standard techniques such as band saws and abrasive cutoff saws - this removes the priority placed on a plasma cutter for its clean cuts. Upon building the oxyhydrogen system, we can determine if that will suffice for all OSE cutting needs.