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Last updated May, 2019.

True Fans


We are able to work on the GVCS full-time thanks to the generosity of your donations. Kevin Kelly's influential essay 1000 True Fans suggested a funding structure in which 1000 supporters each donate a small amount to sustain a project they really believe in. We are looking for 1000 True Fans to each pledge $10 per month as part of the 1000 Squared Campaign.

We use 100% of the True Fans funding for prototyping materials. Combined with our low overhead operation, we remain cash flow positive on a lean budget.

(See the original blog post about the 1000 True Fans Campaign)

And then fast forward to OSE's first ever Annual Report published at the beginning of 2013 to see the progress until the end of 2012.

On this page, you can read why people like you have joined the campaign. We have about 300 True Fanships as of March, 2014.

We have also had requests for larger donation options. In response, we created Gold, Gold Extra, Platinum, and Angel subscriptions at $20, $30, $50, and $100 per month, respectively, in addition to the Standard subscription of $10/month.

Contributions or gifts to Open Source Ecology are deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes. OSE received 501(c)3 status in 2013.

If you do not have time but would like to offer financial support – the True Fans program is for you. True Fan enjoy the following perks:
  • Invitation to the True Fans Hangout – a monthly hangout with the founder, for True Fans only, where we discuss the latest developments and insights
  • Free visit to Factor e Farm
  • 25% off OSE Workshops

Select an option from $10 up to $100 per month:

True Fans Options


True Fans and Their Support Letters

See True Fans Roster

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