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Factor e Live Distillation 2 described 40 or so products of the Global Village Construction Set. We make a simplification on 3.20.09 - consisting of:

  • Insulating CEB blocks are eliminated, and absorbed implicitly into the comprehensive CEB Press description
  • LifeTrac implements were eliminated from the diagram, since that is simply a repeat of all the Implements
  • Housing and Construction has been streamlined to only the CEB Press and Sawmill - as other ancillary equipment has been moved under Implements
  • Flash Steam Generator has been replaced by Flash Heating Coils - to reflect the need not only for rapid steam genearation but also for rapid heat exchange of any fluid. This applies to hydronic water heating, condensers in the solar power generator, cooling in pyrolysis oil generation, and others.
  • Masonry stove has been removed, as that can be a particular implementation of the gasifier stove.*
  • HydraRaptor has replaced 3D Mold Printing, Micro Drill Press, and Electronics Fabrication - since HydraRaptor is capable of operating with replaceable heads - plastic extruder for 3D mold printing, a micro drill press (for Babington burner and electronic circuit fabrication), and a micro router for electronics fabrication
  • Multimachine has replaced the CNC Metal Lathe, CNC Milling Machine, and Production Drill Press, since the Multimachine is a heavy duty lathe that can be adapted to milling and drilling, though with some difficulty
  • General Purpose Car has been renamed to UniMOS, derivative of the general purpose utility vehicle, Unimog, but in our case, named after UNIversal Mobility Open Source.
  • Hydraulic pumps and motors has been changed to hydraulic motors, since a motor can also function as a pump in reverse
  • Metal Casting has been replaced with induction furnace, since an induction furnace can be used with many metals, along with plastics, glass, and other materials melting/refining purposes. An induction furnace provides efficient and specific melting ability in many materials.
  • Solar Oven and Food Dehydrator have been eliminated because there easy-to-access, low-tech designs already exist