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some of my ideas for stuff

Torch Table

Variable Reluctance Stepper Motor

NiFe Battery

Forlift attachment to lifetrac frame

Micro Earth Lodge

sintered glass wall water storage

3D Printed Pumps


Steam Valves

User:Dorkmo/Ideas/Solar collector

User:Dorkmo/Ideas/Electrical Plug

User:Dorkmo/Ideas/Bolted Bent Lifetrac Arms

generator -

split oil fed brass pillow bearing - need to come up with a easy fab design.

i had an idea about maybe using morse code to type in a letter and then the next press would correspond with that

so like if the ceb press had one external button and you wanted to have the main cylinder go up youd push once to have it pause then type in the letter u


then youd wait a second then youd hold the button till you wanted to stop. then you could push once for it to resume cycle

something like that. just a basic communication to save on buttons etc.

thinking about using metz torch then bend method to make some stuff.

might replicate something like this list of repraps for an ose network of repraps and perhaps other ose machines. also might assign serial numbers to machines? i duno just ideas.