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The goal of this page is to help me understand OSE and my own thinking on OSEs future; also to share my perspective.

I'll keep this as a living document, an extension of my regular log but more structured and specifically about the big picture.

Onward... humbly but with a touch of cunning.



Like any organization, company or movement, OSE needs money and people. My goal is to understand who the people are, what they want, what they can offer and most importantly how OSE can enable them to have a meaningful and fulfilling life and for this all to become a self-reinforcing cycle.

OSE is an insanely big ambitious idea and it's not easy to wrap your head around the scope of everything. It's even harder for people to see how and where they could fit in the scheme of things. This needs to be addressed.

Even if 80% of OSE future is speculative because nothing has ever been done like this, there is a lot of value in planning out the 20% that is known based on existing products, markets and culture.

I start by outlining some basic profiles of potential OSE participants. I think it's useful to know and understand who we're targeting with various marketing and outreach programs.

Then I list a handful of flagship products that I think are the most important for OSE to work one.

Finally, a 3 step, rags to riches, program if you adopt the OSE life style. Riches being self-actualization (and OSE Coins) :-D

People Profiles


Bootstrappers don't have the resources to go all-in: buying property, building a bunch of machines and starting a farm or OSE based business, on day one.

They are looking for a way to meet their basic needs like food, shelter and some income. To save up enough money and build up enough confidence to go to the next step.

Roles at OSE:

  • OSE Developer (earns OSE Coin)
  • Laborer at an OSE Campus (earns more OSE Coin and/or fiat)

OSE Products saught:

  • Flagship Product: OSE Starter Home, affordable housing on wheels (without land commitment).
    • Rent / Buy on OSE Market
    • Build at an OSE Campus
  • OSEDev Kit
  • Most affordable machines/tools that will allow them to start a business and earn a living.
  • Social network, support program to encourage them to keep working towards independence.
  • Success stories, inspiration, hope.

9-to-5 Worker / Customer / Homesteader

Workers already have a good paying job but are unhappy with direction their life is going and want to slowly transition to a life style enabled by the OSE ecosystem. This would include #Bootstrappers after they've gotten their heads above the water.

They are looking to take classes, buy kits, possibly already researching land, etc.

Roles at OSE:

  • OSE Developer
  • SME
  • Customer on OSE Market.

OSE products saught:


Business owner/operator who is sick of expensive/crappy machines and is interested in the promise of the OSE ecosystem. This would include folks from previous profile who've built their homestead and are looking to establish their business.

Roles at OSE:

  • Investor
  • Customer
  • SME

OSE products saught:

  • Heavy machinery
  • Robotics / automation
  • Everything, really.


Someone with a lot of money who loves the idea of OSE and wants to invest either for philanthropic reasons or as speculatator in the OSE Coin.

Roles at OSE:

  • Investor
  • Customer
  • SME

OSE Products saught:

Flagship Products

OSE Dev Kit

The most approachable and accessible product from OSE. I would argue that 50% of OSE efforts and resources should be dedicated to this consumer product and kit. If we're looking for maximum reach, this is it. Just about every human on this planet could find benefit from a 3D Printer. This technology is currently extremely under utilized.


  • Everyone

See: OSEDev Kit

Tracked Utility Machine (aka MicroTrac)

Affordable, compact, swiss-army knife of homestead construction and earth moving.


  • Homesteader
  • Business


Truck / Classic Tractor

This hasn't really been developed yet at OSE (and doesn't appear to be planned soon) but in my opinion a classic tractor is more important / useful for day to day farm work than the tracked utility machines.


  • Homesteader
  • Business


OSE Starter Home

Practical, affordable, mobile, resellable and less regulated to build housing optionis the mobile tiny home.

Mobile tiny homes have the following advantages:

  1. Do not require owning land.
  2. Can be built at an OSE Campus and easily delivered to any location.
  3. Requires less regulations, building permits, etc.
  4. May be cheaper (since they are smaller and require less materials).
  5. Gives people time to find ideal land, while at the same time living cheaply in their own home.
  6. Once you find the perfect property, you can continue to live in the tiny home as you build a permanent home.
  7. Easier to sell the tiny home (decoupled from land).

Tiny homes are an existing market and there are many companies building and selling them. Because it's a known market it would be easier to do workshops and market OSE tiny homes. People will instantly "get it".

The mobile frames of OSE Homes would share modules with various other machines (car, truck, tractors, etc).

All of the fixtures, appliances, etc, would also be made using OSE tools and designs.

OSE would offer classes teaching people to build these houses, the houses built as part of the class would then be sold.

Tiny Houses would come with 3D printer as standard appliance.


  • Bootstrappers
  • Homesteader

3 Step Program

1. Bootstrap: Attaining independence.

If you're starting with basically nothing then this will be the first step in the program.

OSE Offerings:

  • Become an OSE Developer and recieve OSE Coin for your participation.
  • Volunteer on-site at a OSE Campus to build machines, products and tools.

2. Build: Your life and environment.

You've made it possible for you to have enough time and resources (from Step 1 or other prior endeavors) and are ready to adopt the new lifestyle.

OSE Offerings:

  • Download plans and instructions for anything you need, source it, build it, done.
  • Buy everything you need on OSE Market.
  • Buy various kits and assemble them, then build what you need.
  • Take classes at OSE Campuses and bring home experience and any tools or machines you built during your class.

Start a farm, business or whatever you think will let you get to step 3.

3. Enjoy: Self-actualization.

After you've made it this far, only you know what to do next.