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Thoughts related to January_2015

Why do large parts of the OSE "construction site" look deserted? Is Marcin re-thinking the whole project? Has everyone left? On the other hand, the Replication page is pretty impressive. The Cube video instruction is massively motivational.

You probably know the story of Nespresso. This is obviously a bad example regarding open source values or anything related. However, I happen to know one of the engineers who developed the original machine to fill capsules with coffee powder - that was in the late 80ies. Nespresso was not a success story from day one. They did not have George Clooney and massive revenue right away. It took Nestlé about 15 years of perseverance (and a lot of money) to reach break even. I'm also in touch with the developers of the newest generation coffee machines for Nespresso. 30 engineers have been working for over three years to finalize the product. Quote from November_2014: "It's simply that to take the machine from 80% to 100% takes maybe 10-100 times more effort than going from 0 to 80%." True. Let's do it.

I expect OSE to:

  • absolutely continue.
  • be more inviting for new volunteers.
  • be more clear about strategy 2015.

Details (might be a bit low-level for you, Marcin, but is my feedback after a few hours of OSE surfing today):

  • I have a hard time understanding your plan 2015 slides.
    • Form: They're too crowded.
    • Content: Do you believe that the GVCS project can only succeed if there is a large company using it's machines? In your January_2015 text, why do you focus on high-tech examples like Arduino or 3D Printing? Most of the GVCS machines are low-tech. What is the expected size of businesses to use GVCS machines? Where is the "target market" for new business adapting open source machines? How do local customs, like the large "informal sector" in Africa, affect open source technology adaption? ...
  • As a new volunteer, I would like to see an up-to-date development status. I would like to have an overview of project teams and team leaders. I would like to feel welcome.
  • is filled with SPAM. does not work. is an ugly URL.

How I might be able to contribute:

  • Brush up documentation and project status pages
  • Update Wikimedia software to allow openID connect
  • (electrical engineering, PCB design, ...)

About me

I grew up and live in Switzerland, I like cheese and knives. I am working as a systems engineer in MedTech development. Before, I was an intern in a research satellite project in Sendai, Japan. I hold a Master's degree in electronics and robotics from ETH Zurich, Switzerland, and have been a co-founder of a start-up (

My requirements:

  • Enjoy work, do something meaningful
  • Solve technological and management challenges
  • Live in Zurich, Switzerland area

Some ideas (from 2014):

  • Convince a big company to hire me for 60/80%, allowing one/two days per week for OSE.
  • Get OSE to hire me as a remote team member.
  • Convince a big Swiss company like ABB, Alstom, Swiss Re to sponsor the development of one of the machines
  • ...