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hi nathanael, great feedback here. is there one of the gvcs that particularly interests you? ive been slowly working on a battery idea lately. i also like to clean up wikipages on occasion, if theres one you'd like to polish up, i could chip in. i think its just the nature of the wiki that 95% of everything is in the 0-50% complete stage. and the other 5% is maybe 50-95%. it would be nice if we had a clear and solid outline for 2015. i usually just roll with whatevers happening at the moment, planned or not :P --Dorkmo (talk) 05:33, 30 January 2015 (CET)


Hey Nathan and Dorkomo,

Any chance we can all get together on chat somewhere to talk about the master index and naming and identification stuff?

The #opensourceecology irc channel on freenode would work (i'm 'eukreign' on there) or we can do a google chat.

I don't see email addresses listed in either of your profiles so it's difficult to get in touch.

My email is