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Through September 18

  • Currently taking 'Technical Communication' class in college. Subject matter pertains directly to the wiki documentation with emphasis on User Manual as the final project. This knowledge will be very useful for assembling the User Manual section of each of the GVCS tools.
  • Have been regularly monitoring wiki changes on Special:RecentChanges and making minor changes to the format and/or correcting typos, grammar, etc. with new knowledge/skills learned from class.

August 26

  • Improving readability by adding links to templates and adding templates to pages.
  • Re-categorizing pages to improve the Category Tree
  • Added framework and a little content to Cement Mixer

August 25

Today I developed the GVCS wiki infrastructure by means of creating and adjusting templates, moving pages due to name and/or subpage categorization issues, performing spelling/capitalization changes to pages and links, and making sections and pages standardized to the GVCSTool page.

August 21 and before

Question: Please describe what you mean by 'Developed those pages' -MJ

Answer: Developing in this sense means formatting; I was moving sections around, updating links, and arranging templates for a more uniform look from tool to tool. See GVCSTool for a generic page of what a page for any of the GVCS tools should look like. Ryan Lutz 07:41, 24 August 2011 (CEST)

  • Performed housecleaning (moving pages, renaming pages, correcting typos, etc.) on the wiki
  • Reviewed recently changed pages for consistency with wiki standards and accuracy
  • Developed generic GVCSTool pages to establish a standard template upon which to base subsequent GVCS pages on.