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To contribute to OSE design, first get an account on this wiki, and start a Work Log so that others can see what you are working on. Then go to Part Library, download the parts, and begin designing. See the 2 tutorials on how to use FreeCAD to manipulate the modules in the Part Library - OSE FreeCAD Tutorials. If you have:

  • a design of any of the GVCS machines
  • other useful machines that use the part library
  • module designs that are part of GVCS machines

you can post it in the gallery below. In the text, list which existing part libraries you used, add a link to the FreeCAD file.

We are listing all the modules here for porting to FreeCAD format. List here is under development, and could use several Ph.D. theses in machine design to complete.

LifeTrac Construction Set Primitive Modules. These modules are parts that go into a tractor, and can be used to build various other related heavy machines.