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HintLightbulb.png Hint: Last updated Aug 2020

Genealogy refers to Prototype Number, and Specific Versions. Nomenclature is Power Cube Prototype (Roman Numerals) for the general prototype, and Power Cube v14.mm(.dd) where 14 stands for 2014, mm is month, and dd is day, as in Ubuntu release versioning.

  • Power Cube I - First prototype modular power unit with quick hydraulic couplers. 18hp - built at Factor e Farm (FeF)
  • Power Cube II - Frame-integrated hydraulic reservoir. 18hp - built at FeF
  • Power Cube III - Simplified frame-integrated reservoir. Pump priming issues got us to move away from this frame-integrated design. 27hp - prototype built at FeF in 2011.
  • Power Cube IV - Power cubes with 1/4"x2"x2" angle frames, with separate, 1.3 gallon fuel tank. Modular, adjustable engine mounting was used. 27hp - 9 Built at FeF in 2011 Production Run; replicated by Andrew Spina and Charles Liptaak
  • Power Cube V - Larger, plastic 5 gallon fuel tank was used. Modular, adjustable engine mounting was not used. Tom Griffing build in Texas, delivered to FeF. Plastic 5 gal tank
  • Power Cube VI - 2 symmetric, 7 gallon steel tanks are used for fuel and hydraulic fluid. Modular control panel was used for the first time. Tom Griffing build, delivered to Zach Dwiel.
  • Power Cube VII - Stable Version v12.09 from 2012, current model with full instructional video. Recommended for replication. Future work: complete shakedown of electrical system. Had prior issues with ignition spark not working. Magnetos were replaced in one or more Power Cubes - may be either quality control on Briggs and Stratton engines or mis-wiring on OSE's side. Tom Griffing was the lead developer on Power Cube VI and VII. AKA (Powercube 7) - done during Collaborative Production Run at FeF in November

Power Cube Diesel - Built at FeF & Texas, delivered to Blair Grocery (New Orleans)

  • Micro Power Cube - built in May, 2014, by Tom Griffing for Factor e Farm. Featured a 2kW DC model airplane motor, and a dedicated 12V power supply. Punched 1" holes in 1/2" steel.
  • Micro Power Cube 2 & 3 - built in June, 2014, for the Micro Power Cube Workshop. Used 120AC vaccuum cleaner motor.
  • Power Cube VIISL - Structural Large - 8x9x8 hole tubing size Structural Power Cube. Was this not 9x9x8 like 15.6?. Power Cube 7s - FeF build, Structural Frame, 28 HP, symmetric tanks, Aug 2014
  • Power Cube VIISS - Structural Small - 8x8x8 hole tubing size
  • Power Cube VII - Tom Griffing build with relief valve, delivered to North Carolina State University, Jan 2015
  • Structural Power Cube vertical tanks- built in FeF & Texas, Structural Frame, Vertical Tanks, 28 HP, Sept 2014
  • Power_Cube_v15.6 - July 2015 build, 6 units were built. One tested with gasifier. Dimensions were 9x9x8 holes
  • Power Cube v16.09 - This version is a complete re-design, using twin engines & pumps and commercial reservoir and pump mounts. Results: pump mounts are too long and not reliable for fit, as we had to drill them out. Frame is too heavy unless we want a structural power cube, and we are migrating more to non-structural power cubes. Commercial hydraulic tank has awkward geometry and is not well suitable. Otherwise, engines appear to be a good choice.
  • Power Cube v16.8 - This version is a complete re-design, using twin engines & pumps and commercial reservoir and pump mounts
  • Power Cube v17.08 - built for the CEB Press v17.08 at University of Utah
  • Power Cube v17.10 - slight variation of v17.08 and update - build for Microtrac v17.10
  • Solar Power Cube v17.10 - Powered by a solar panel, driving a DC motor coupled to a hydraulic pump
  • Power Cube v17.11 - designed for feeding multiple auxiliary smaller power cubes, to be CNC torch table cut and CAD is probably complete, but not yet built
  • Power Cube v18.01 - small tankless auxiliary cubes designed to connect to v17.11, CNC torch cut and likely complete CAD, but not built.
  • Power Cube v19.02‎‎

Power Cute

The micro version of the Power Cube

See Power Cute.

Notes from Abe

The design for Power Cube v17.08 could be used as is for a gas engine. The design for most power cubes could be modified for an electric motor mount, but Power Cube v17.11 might be easier and that design gives more options to connect multiple hydraulic machines for mixers or multiple CEB presses.