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dev spreadsheet + wiki

hey chris, i saw your notes on dev board situation. ive never really had an easy time looking though the sheets. i was thinking that using the sheets would be a good oportunity to use the concatenate() formula to auto generate all the links for a machine/project, then those links could be followed where youre prompted to create new page. links could be uniform with only the machine/proejct names different in the links. could also use the concatenate formula to have output cells that would generate wiki text that could be copy and pasted into the main navigation page and populate the basics of each sub page for that machine/project. there coudl be a blank spreasheet template that could be copied for every new dev board. i could cook something up if you think something like that would be helpful? not sure how to best remedy the two ecosystem divide. --Dorkmo (talk) 04:06, 25 March 2014 (CET)


nice update, lots of good ideas and analysis --Dorkmo (talk) 02:53, 14 January 2014 (CET)


hey whats up. your log has a lot of cool info. my machine takes a long time to load all the data. would you consider archiving some of it? best, Aidan

Chris' Reply

Thanks guys! Glad to know that there's a couple people out there interested in the work.

Aidan, I sometimes have the same issue - I will look at moving the 2013 work to a an archived log and then adding a link to that archive in the active log.


Ok nice. I think people all around the world read your log.


Ok nice. I think people all around the world read your log. I like the way your organize it with dates as well as a subject header. I may borrow that style from you.


Thanks for the compliments, Aidan! I would feel very gratified if people around the world were reading my log and discovering things with me :) How did you come across my log? Can you send me a link to your work?

Also, took your suggestion and moved 2/3 of my log to the page Chris Reinhart Log Archive. Thanks!


I found your log on the Special:RecentChanges page. It's like a newsfeed of every edit made to the wiki. It's where I lurk...
Here is my log. Aidan_Williamson_Log. Mostly just info on building a Lulzbot Taz from scratch. It has some old stuff from a DPV I did in 2012 and it has a bit of documentation on a farm implement that I started documenting more on farmhack.
If you didn't know about the recent changes page then you might not know about this other tasty nugget: Special:RandomPage. I have it bookmarked in my toolbar on firefox for when i'm bored.