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Summary: The key cameraman. The Factor e Farm Documenter produces video documentation of developments at OSE Headquarters - including progress updates, instructional videos that demonstrate how to fabricate and use GVCS machines, and longer-term documentaries. Recruits and trains interns and assistants for video production. Uploads media to the cloud for collaborative editing. Manages remote video editing collaboration in the form of Video Sprints. Produces high quality explainer videos bimonthly. Works with Media Director on messaging.


We are looking for a documenter to live at the Factor e Farm site to capture the creation of the world's first Post-Scarcity Community.

Our goal is to document the creation of the Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) - as an organized effort for the creation of a model Post-Scarcity, Autonomous, Modern, Open Source, Distributive Enterprise, Learning, Contract Community. See Factor_e_Farm_Roles_and_Responsibilities.

We are looking for the Documenter as one of the 30 core members defined at the Core Team description of our strategic plan. We are not looking for an employee – but a lifestyle investor and startup instigator - an enterprising partner who is capable of creating significant value with their media material - ambitious, self-motivated, full time, mature, physically able, funded via the work itself or via Collaborative Production, and interested in at least a 1/2 year commitment as not only a reporter, but as a resource-generating developer and investor in the project at a deep level. We are interested in finding a Lifestyle Investor.

See Core Team Character Values

Skill Requirements

The following are recommended skills and duties of the Factor e Farm Documenter.

Video Work

  • Excellent working knowledge of video editing, lighting, sound, and composition*
  • A-Z knowledge of video production
  • Ability to write video scripts and direct scenes
  • Savvy in action photography and video
  • Maintenance and development of visual/image assets repository (diagrams, graphics, photo, video)
  • Maintenance and development of a Factor e Farm open source soundtrack repositories for assisting in video production
  • Ability to record screenshot videos

Writing/Documenting/Technical Writing

  • Proficiency in technical writing of instructional materials
  • Creative writing/journalism
  • Script writing

Learning Requirements (if not already familiar)

  • Working familiarity with hand tools and power tools for disassembly of machines
  • Basic understanding of mechanisms of mechanical devices
  • Ability to export and manipulate 3D CAD objects in image viewers, 2D and 3D (STL, SKP, STEP, etc.)
  • Working knowledge of QCad
  • Working knowledge of Sketchup or other 3D modeling software
  • Working knowledge of Inkscape and GIMP
  • Ability to use open source, non-industry standard nonlinear editing software whenever appropriate (Openshot, Cinelerra, Kdenlive)
  • Usage of Linux platform
  • Explores new techniques of improving documentation quality
  • Identifies world leaders in Documentary, Instructionals, Explainer videos, Information Architecture, and other documentation, and distills their content into documentation learning materials

Duties (in collaboration with Communications Director)

  • Producing a Weekly Update Blog Post and editing weekly update video from Founder
  • Weekly meeting with leadership to plan a publishing schedule
  • Day-to-day documentation - continuous recording of ongoing activity and conversion into a weekly update video and/or blog post
  • Ongoing technical documentation video capture and production - to create fabrication and assembly instructional videos
  • Daily vlogging on progress via smart phone upload
  • Writes scripts for videos, speeches, slide presentations, and others
    • Script writing assistance for weekly video updates as needed
    • Technical script writing for instructionals
    • Records voice narration for fabrication and assembly videos
  • Adds post-production graphics and sound to videos
  • Upload of 250MB of select raw video footage to YouTube on a nightly basis for remote video editing
  • Speech writing and production of presentations as needed
  • Strategic development of media strategy and assets with Media Director, Resource Developer, and Executive Director of OSE
  • Ongoing documentary footage collection
  • Developing a video archive strategy + maintenance of a cloud Video Archive for GVCS video footage, downloadable freely -Tub as possible extension of YouTube archiving
  • Ongoing development and documentation of techniques used and developments thereto (such as this Documenting the Documentation Process Video)
  • Commitment of a mimimum of six months to the project
  • Assisting in recruitment of a replacement Documenter upon leaving
  • Produces a Strategic 3 Year Plan for FeF Documentation Improvement in months 3-6
  • Identifies professional standards and helps to spread these techniques to the rest of the Development Team
  • Recruits SME mentor and develops documentation standards with them
  • Produces curriculum for rapid learning on documentation
  • Cross-training in production or other hands-on skills to participate in collaborative production and to extend appreciation and understanding of a wide range of activities necessary to build a civilization