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To volunteer with OSE as a Dedicated Project Visitor at Factor e Farm or as a Remote Collaborator -- please complete the Tech Team Culturing Survey and contact info@opensourceecology.org.

How to get an account on the wiki

Volunteering with Open Source Ecology

There are three primary ways to volunteer with OSE:

  1. Remote Collaboration: We are in need of technical remote collaborators to perform product research, concept development, 3D design, graphics/video graphics. We are looking for subject matter experts, fabricators, technical writers, videographers, video editors, and voice over specialists. Many remote collaborators participate in Design Sprints, which are typically held on Saturdays.
  2. Dedicated Project Visit: Collaborators who are interested in coming to Factor e Farm in Maysville, Missouri to assist with designing, building and testing the 50 GVCS Machines can apply for a Dedicated Project Visit. Dedicated Project Visits are typically at least one month in duration, but shorter and longer time frames are acceptable. During the Dedicated Project Visits], Dedicated Project Visitors (DPVs) assist with the current development and testing initiatives, which are found in Product Development Schedule. However, on occasion, a DPV may request a Specialized Dedicated Project Visit where the DPV works on a GVCS product or OSE initiative that is not part of the Product Development Schedule.
  3. Work Day Volunteer: Work Days are an opportunity to volunteer with OSE at Factor e Farm. A Work Day volunteer may help for one day or multiple days of a project. Work Day activities include GVCS prototype buildouts and infrastructure development, maintenance, and improvement. See our Work Day(s) page for more information.

Please contact info@opensourceecology.org for more information about Remote Collaboration, Dedicated Project Visits or Work Days.

Product Development Schedule