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  • An Open Source Pyrolysis Kiln
  • Marketed as a solution to plastic
  • May be open source (cad released)
  • Also doesn't use glassware?


5/17/2020 - ?



    • Subject: My ideas for Collaboration and/or Developing with WasteBot
      • Hello,

I saw your project when i was doing some research for a similar project.  I especially loved the bottle manifold system. I mainly develop for OSE

(explanaition of what ose is copypasta: Basically a group dedicated to making all the open sourcehardware needed to build/run a small town/farm. Complex to explain so perhaps watch the ted talk and check it out? Ted talk on the group: https://www.ted.com/talks/marcin_jakubowski_open_sourced_blueprints_for_civilization?language=enMore

PR-ey Site https://www.opensourceecology.org/

Wiki Link https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/Main_Page   )

ANYHOW I also develop/work with Precious PlasticThey have better PR so i bet you have heard of them lol I am currently making anOpen SourceFuel AgnosticBatch Run (but testbed for continuous)Biochar + Syngas + Pyrolysis Oil Kiln Here is the link to the project's wiki page: https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/Open_Source_Fuel_Agnostic_Pyrolysis_Batch_Kiln   Do you have a github for the CAD, also feel free to post to OSE, or do some bouncing back and forth with me or the others for ideas/advice

Here is some ways to contact me: My email: ericlotze@gmail.com My OSE Account: https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/User:Eric My Discord Account: Eric Lotze #5710

Thanks for your time, Eric




Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't OSE subsidized by globalist grants?

I spent hundreds of thousand$$$ in R&D from my personal savings over the last 6 years working through half a dozen design platforms to arrive at the Wastebot you see and an earlier version that recycles mixed waste.

It's a very polished design with everything that a industrial scale refinery has, only at a desktop scale.

Instead of asking for free CAD files, why don't you support the work by buying CAD files or signing up for our course where I share experiments? This allows me to continue the work.

The people who start projects that lead to solutions are few and far between. Demanding free designs and then free email support afterwards drains the life blood from these projects and in the end reduces the access to new technologies.

Open source demands that the creator give away their work, but any yahoo off the street can go into business selling something they didn't design, create or probably even well understand. It attracts an army of poor people trying to make money, but shaming the people who actually invested the money in the first place, by demanding everything for free.

In a freedom inspired and fair civilization people exchange value for value. Open source is focused purely on quantity and not on quality. From those according to their ability to those according to their need produces MORE NEED. There is an underlying Marxist ideology to what you do that I don't share.

At 42 I have watched the world transformed from a meritocracy where people do their best an society prospers to a mediocracy where people run around with their participation ribbons and sad stories trying to get something for nothing. It's like watching a horror film that won't end.

That isn't how nature works. Every in breath has an out breath. Equal exchange, working toward quality is what allows the upward march towards better systems and functioning civilizations.

Underneath the thin veneer of "helping the world" these global granting agencies are pushing technological development for the purpose of surveillance and technocracy. Read about ID2020 & biometric vaccines among many other initiatives. They are the Borg. The path to hell is paved with good intentions. It took me 12 years to figure this out.

I already have to waste a shit load of uncompensated time battling Chinese copycats, if I have to deal with the open sourcers too, then I will stop posting new designs and upgrades altogether.

Making files on your laptop is cheap and easy, making finished, tested petro-chemical products is much more difficult. Every step up in quality and performance is an order of magnitude more development cost. I'm still a ways from break even. Why would I lose valuable youth and rack up debt for strangers that wouldn't even pony up a hundred measly bucks? Are those the people I want to share a civilization with?

Please count me out of your work until you can ponder more deeply the long term ramifications of what you are proposing.



I disagree with your philosophy, but love your work. I understand that you have poured money into the great project, and thus fear chineaseum copies.

I won't rant at you (too long at least) as minds rarely change (mine included), but look at the Prusa 3D Printer as an example of Open Hardware:

It is Fully Open Source, and DOES have chinesium clones. Yet it still sells it's own products, and has one of the most active communities

It also was a defining factor in startting up consumer 3D Printing In my opinion.

If you don't want to collaborate that is fine with me. But i think it would give you more developers/people to bounce ideas off of (ie me, all of Precious Plastic, and all of OSE) for "Free"

Also similar kilns probably already DO exist on alibaba (don't quote me on that)

I understand operating costs are a thing and am in no way trying to make a chinesium shit product, quite the opposite actually.

I, like you, (i think) took the rubber tire to fuel barrel kiln, saw it as ineffective, saw commercial plants, saw them as too costly/large scale/not easy to buy OTS parts for, and thus decided to make a sort of "just right" middle project

Not a metric tons of feedstock plant, not a redneck engineering kiln, but a proper product to help real world people

Finally if your company doesn't work out due to not enough exposure, not saying it will happen, just often does will small, and non-status quoe projects/comapnies, it would be a shame to let your work "die out" due to being sealed off

Also there are other thesis projects by engneering students i am using in my development page. I guess i will leave it at that

Feel free to write back if you want to develop/bounce ideas off of me (now or 5 years in the future, i necromance all sorts of forums lol)

Thanks for responding,


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