Open Source Fuel Agnostic Pyrolysis Batch Kiln

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  • A Pyrolysis Kiln that can use for heating:
    • A Gas Burner Torch
    • A Liquid Fuel Torch Babington Burner
    • An Electric Kiln Element
    • A Pellet Burner
    • The Ultimate System would use indrect heat (some sort of fluid, perhaps just heat the inert gas) to allow for easier swapping of modules, and even using more than one for quick fuel source swap)
  • It uses some inert gas in to prevent oxidation such as:
    • Bottled nitrogen or argon
    • CO2 from bottles, or from a high-co2 source (such as filtered exhaust, or a bio-reactor)
  • The Main Feedstocks Would Be:
  • The main products it will produce are:
  • This will also serve as a testbed for a continous feed version

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