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Positive pressure greenhouse structures that are wind assisted, air supported, and ventilated. The invention is to use the pressure provided by the wind for inflating the greenhouse, rather than relying mostly on electric fans (although they may also be used at times when wind pressure is not sufficient). A tower ("scoop") captures the wind. Only a minimal or no frame is necessary. Air flow inside the greenhouse is high, assisting with moisture control and pest suppression. These greenhouses can be quite large and look rather futuristic - see video below for a half-acre greenhouse. The company even built a one-acre greenhouse. The technology is interesting for the cultivation of high-value perennials, such as strawberries.


Patent Situation

The invention is patented (see below), although it relies in part on older patents. From the Airstream Innovations Facebook page (April 14, 2015): "We are pleased to announce our design for an air-supported structure is now patent-protected in over a dozen countries. We are currently highly focused in California's citrus industry with nearly one-million square feet in production or under construction and are positioned to expand into further areas of protected agriculture, aquaculture, industrial algae production, year-round sports and recreation fields, entertainment venues, animal housing, large-scale storage solutions and more. We look forward to sharing the latest news and events about our revolutionary structures."

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