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We are recruiting builders for an organization whose mission is to eradicate artificial scarcity in housing, and whose greater mission is to deliver the promise of appropriate technology with open hardware. The current effort is for the product release of the Seed Eco-Home, and developing a replicable enterprise that can boostrap further development. Our focus right now is getting this business off the ground, so we are recruiting for this. The application requirement is build skill, as seen in the application. Not sure if this applies to you at this point. The way it works on our side - we are a lifelong learning organization so when people join and we run a successful enterprise - we will develop formal training programs up to doctoral-equivalent in technology design and enterprise. It's a big commitment. Besides this, we may organize a collaborative house building event this year, but we are proving the enterprise model first by 2 houses that we are currently building for real customers. We plan 9 house builds this year, with a good chance that one will be a public event.

If you are not a builder, we offer a mentorship program, the OSE Mentorship.

Fine Print

  • Program lasts 6 months. Learn at your own pace. Certification is by module. End point is ability to build the entire house.
  • You are paying for your skills, which allow us to hire you upon Full Build Certification. This is unlike any other, as you learn baseline proficiency in 8 trades, instead of specializing in 1. And you start earning at a minimum a carpenter's pay in 6 months instead of the typical 3-4 years. [1]. Carpenter apprentices get paid on average $19.42/hr [2]. You instead pay us for the apprenticeship - but we get you to full builder skill in only 6 months and start paying you at that time - paying you significantly more, for a singificantly broader skill set.
  • You will not be getting regular trades certification that allows you to work on standard build projects. You will be getting OSE Integrated Certification - 8 trades in one. This allows you to build a full house system - completely from foundation to HVAC and PV. If you want to become a certified specialist, this program is not for you. If you want to build Seed Eco-Homes with OSE, at entry level pay significantly above industry standards - this is for you. We hope you work with us, but if you want to go on your own - you are welcome to become an entrepreneur and do so as well. However, this requires a higher skill set, and we do offer continuing education for you to succeed if you want to continue your professional development.
  • If you pass faster, you will help to teach others to get up to speed. You are expected to function as a team, not an individual.
  • If you learn slower, you will let the faster learners help you up your skill set, by practicing with them.
  • Weekends are off.
  • School is 9-5 daily, plus travel time if we're working off site. You will take remedial time in night school, with the help of the faster learners.
  • We will hire you upon completion. Pay scale is starting pay at 6 months (or later or earlier depending on how fast you learn)
  • The strategy is that we all collaborate so that everyone gets up to speed - we move forward so all of us get trained. If you are not willing to help others as you want to be the superhero warrior, this program is not for you. We value team work and collaboration - so that we function as a unit, not as individual superstars. The 'superstardom' comes frpm the leadership that is a product of helping others. Your only option is to succeed in this way - or drop out.
  • We strive for 95% completion rate. We recognize that some people may drop out because they cannot handle the intense learning environment, and the grit that comes from seeing a higher purpose.
  • The higher purpose is to make housing affordable, even to people without money. We are an education organization, and we can hire anyone at an effective fee, so they are ahead after 1 year's time - and can choose continuing learning with us.
  • We are essentially a learning organization, where freedom comes from learning new things - not killing and stealing.
  • The higher purpose ends with housing becoming free - for anyone who learns the skills to build their own house using abundant common materials - processed by open source industrial machines. Thus, we are creating a training program where anyone can learn to produce at least $100/hour value by house building (or replace this number with 'high white collar-level pay scale'- not by price gouging but by efficiency of open source collaboration and entrepreneurship. Our promise is that after 4 years of integrated build training, just about anyone who is earnest and who does not give up will be in a good position to start a business that generates at least this type of value. The goal here is to create a performance culture, while cultivating ideals of open source, collaborative problem solving of pressing world issues - via the very substance of one's productive work. For example: to solve the 'housing crisis', we just need to Build More Housing. Our mental model is not that more of anything will solve problems - but that if there is an artificial scarcity of something - building more of it - and inexpensively and ecologically - is clearly a potential solution.
  • We start here, and what got us here will not get us there.


  • Core Apprenticeship Model sez 4 staff: machine design instructor, Site Infrastructure Manager. House Design instructor. Workshop manager.
  • Add a Farm manager - initially signs up for construction apprenticeship, unless has business experience. Cross subsidized - one week on farm, one week in construction until farm revenue is self-sustaining. Goal is to feed everyone on site (30 people). Farm manager learns to run an enterprise according to the Factor e Farm Agriculture Management Plan
  • Machine Builder - this is a separate track. Student track, under a Fabrication Manager. Needs to pass the skill set of a Heavy Machine Designer Curriculum. Can use MCC credit for this. Shifts days from MCC to construction as needed.


The power of this is that there is no hazing, you can, and there is no glass ceiling. You decide who you want to end up, how much responsibility, therefore power, you gain.


  • Weeks alternate from on-site to Builds in the Field.

On site:

  • Builder Class, M-F, hands-on, works in the workshop from 8-9:50 AM under the guidance of the Workshop Instructor and Design Instructor.
  • Design and Collaboration - M, W, F - 10 AM to 10:50 AM. Collaborative design techniques, design knowledge, problemsolving. Goal is to teach how to solve problems, which can be applied to any area of endeavor.

Field Days:

  • 5 day week, 8-10 hours per day (up to 1 hour travel time each way)


  • Design Training for those in the Design Tracks - machines, agriculture, architecure.


Every part of the curriculum is supported by physical production systems built using the topic area to provide itegrated learning involving theoretical analysis, first principles understanding, simulations, physical builds, and economic analysis for movement entrepreneurship.

  • Integrated construction - how to build the structural, MEP, foundation, landscape, PV, and other systems that go into the Seed Eco-Home
  • Structural engineering - force analysis, shear, pressure, torsion, tension; FreeCAD FEA; structural engineering calculations. Basically applied numeracy that yields up to calculations for 2D drawings for building departments.
  • Graphic design - extracting and publishing images and assets from FreeCAD; graphic composition in Gimp and Inkscape; basics of architectural design drawings and renderings; FreeCAD+SweetHome3D+Blender interoperability.
  • Programming - FreeCAD workbenches, house automation, computer vision, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, power electronics algorithms, sensor programming, data acquisition
  • Materials science - solar concrete, plastics, steel alloying, glass and ceramics.
  • Open Enterprise Development - learning how to achieve cost reduction of existing business models by injecting open collaboration, open source machines, and open business models into the mix, to achieve Distributed Market Substitution. Starting with the case of the Seed Eco-Home. This is largely a case of mindshift towards Integrated Design.
  • Math and Physics - foundational course providing the groundwork of rapid learning in any applied technology, engineering, communications, automation, robotics, chemistry, materials science, and other areas. This is done really badly in high school and college, where the student leaves unprepared to build anything useful. This was my personal experience, and I can see that very few, such as FIRST Robotics people or welding students - can build anything real.
  • Power Electronics Design Curriculum - addresses production of inverters and power conversion systems for hybrid PV, solar hydrogen, solar concrete, and other uses surrounding the Seed Eco-Home and global village construction in general.
  • Microstate Negotiation - as the reality of building the Network State emerges, we teach not only the enabling technical skills, but the soft skills to Never Split the Difference. This allows our graduates to approach existing states and organizations to create Special Economic Zones culminating with full diplomatic relations with other countries. The core of this capacity is the ability to negotiate win-win situations, which assumes a solid post-scarcity mindset - ie, true fearlessness of survival based on Neuroplastic Sublimation and reified by high productive capacity