April 2015

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Introduction to Sesssion

See more information about True Fans and True Fans Hangouts.

Etherpad for notes: http://piratepad.net/4uv5gbdCAW

Theme: Open Source Community Collaborations

Interesting recent results:

  1. Koruza collaboration - CNC Torch Table - 3D Printer
  2. Miracle Orchard Workshop and Open Source Nursery
  3. OSGeo - workshop on OS GIS
  4. FreeCAD and freeCAD collaboration on CAM, Motion Analysis, Architecture, Design.
  5. OSE Chapters
  6. Lulzbot Mini Taking Over the World

OSE Work:

  1. MicroTrac 2015
  2. Aquaponics Greenhouse Working Team - crops selection Crowdsource
  3. Leadership Development. See initial notes at Andreas_Leadership_Development
  4. CEB Press - CAD work but in FreeCAD - need to produce an instructional on how to do this
  1. David Fuller - Built kits. Liabilities concern.
  2. Aquaponics - Paul Vanderbosch.

Pirate Pad Notes

Pirate pad at http://piratepad.net/4uv5gbdCAW