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  • The CEB Press can run in a semi-automated mode as of now
  • It still needs to be manually fed with material, and has a passive roller output etc
  • Also as the belize project shows, it is still in a soft of beta/early acess phase

Possible Future Additions

Feedstock Supply Automation

  • Some sort of auger/conveyor belt method?
  • Not too needed, as a ladder/ramp and a bucket chain works fine, but is more labor intensive
  • This is also in the Auroville Earth Institute models of a similar scale, and thus may be needed to compete?

Dosing of Various Additives

Post Belize-Postmordem Fixes

  • Need input on the problems that came up here

Order Info

This is our automated compressed earth brick press. See update post of December, 2012.

This machine does not come with a power unit. A manual version is also available.

The cost of the automated machine is $9,000 USD, FOB Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

The next production run of the machine by OSE will occur in August 2013. In the meantime, feel free to download our design files (see link above) and build it yourself or have your local fabricator build the machine for you.


Note: current machine varies slightly in appearance, and does not include the soil sensor, which was deemed unnecessary in later versions of the machine. Open source components include the 5 industry standard features of the Open Source Hardware Definition - electronics, mechanical design, control code, fabrication instructions, and bill of materials. See OSE License.


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    • Then make this into a page focused on the automation systems?

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