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We use Awstats to monitor statistics on our site on OSE Server. This is preferred to using google analytics because [a] we care about the privacy of our users, [b] we prefer self-hosted FLOSS to closed-source SaaS [c] we prefer to utilize FLOSS over shipping our user's demographics to a third-party (one of the largest multinational corporations) that profits directly from this data

We investigated the use of Piwik as an alternative to awstats in 2017, but found too many security concerns to justify the few benefits over awstats.

Graph History Screenshots

When screenshots of awstats graphs are uploaded to this wiki, they should be added to Category: Awstats Graphs.

To protect our user's privacy, the graphs uploaded to this wiki should not contain IP addresses

These graphs can also be helpful when determining the hardware provisioning requirements for future architecture of the OSE IT Infrastructure over time, as well as monitoring our outreach.

Useful Commands

Below are some useful commands for working with awstats on our server



Go to and to access

Important Files & Directories

For more information about our awstats configuration, please see the following files & directories on the server:



Below is an example of screenshots taken of our awstats pages for the osemain wordpress site and the mediawiki site at the end of the year in 2019.

Awstats Awstats

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