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Munin is a software tool for monitoring system resources. We use to to store RRDTool data and provide graphs of our OSE Server's usage over time.

Graph History Screenshots

When screenshots of munin graphs are uploaded to this wiki, they should be added to Category: Munin Graphs.

Viewing these screenshots over time can help an admin detect anomalous behavior of the OSE Server.

These graphs can also be invaluable when determining the hardware provisioning requirements for future architecture of the OSE IT Infrastructure.

Useful Commands

Below are some useful commands for working with munin on our server

# restart munin (ie: after updating plugin configs)
service munin-node restart

# regenerate the graph images and html static pages
sudo -u munin /usr/bin/munin-cron


Below is an example screenshot of the daily & weely graphs provided by Munin, taken after the wiki was migrated to hetzner2 in May 2018. Note that Munin also provides monthly & yearly graphs as well.

Munin morningAfterWikiMigration1.gif Munin morningAfterWikiMigration2.gif


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