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Theory of Large-Scale Production of Instructionals - Instructional Swarms


HintLightbulb.png Hint:

  1. Use OSE Manual Template for instructionals.
  2. Embed on the wiki page named MachineName Build Instructions

Pre-2019 Procedure

  1. Use the template below. Use Fab Tool Icons.

  1. Or use more advanced template. Use Fab Tool Icons.

Manual template.jpg

Manual Template

Simplified Build Instructions

  • Shows use of Fab Tool Icons, text for detailed instructions, clock for measuring the time it took:
  • Note that this is not a full procedure, but more a Build Cheatsheet that puts an entire module on one page.
  • A full treatment would mean multiple pages, each page committed to one step with pictures of how to do it.


Full Protocol and Sample


  1. An easy route is using a Google Presentation, which can be printed for the build.
  2. Start a page called Machine/Module Name Build Instructions
  3. Embed your document there - see Embedding Google Docs
  4. Link to your work from your Work Log
  5. Record your contribution by filling out the Contributor Log Form

How to Swarm on Instructionals

HintLightbulb.png Hint: Needs updating