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This page is used to see what the different members of the CAD team are working on and the overall status of CAD on the different projects going on. If you're working on something, please edit this page and update it with what you're up to.

GVCS Projects - CAD Status

Project Modeling Drawings Comments Link
CEB Press
Only the hydraulic components and hose routing required on the modeling side. Link
Soil Pulverizer
Only hydraulic components and hose routing required on the modeling side. Link
Life Trac IV

CAD Team Current Work

It is encouraged for the CAD team members to keep their latest work noted in this section. Keep only the latest 5 entries.

Mike Apostol

You can follow what I'm doing at Factor e Farm via my log or just see my CAD updates below.

2011-12-17 - Working on drawings of the Pulverizer and uploaded a dwg and dwt sheet format templates.

2011-12-12 - A bit of redesign on the Pulverizer, but basically done now. Just need to do the hydraulics like the CEB Press. Also made fab drawings for the loader arm redesign for them to retrofit the existing LifeTrac to one with a bent loader arm to bring the weight of the picked up load closer to the vehicle.

2011-12-09 - Final touches on the CEB Press today! Still just a bit of the hydraulic fittings to do. Sheet title block design is now complete. Will need conversion into other formats though.

2011-12-07 - Did some quick sketches to get approximate sizes on hoses for the LifeTrac IV with the new bent loading arm.

2011-12-06 - I'm currently working on the piece part and assembly models for the Soil Pulverizer, CEB Press, and the Life Trac III loader arm redesign. I'm also working on revamping the entire CAD section of this Wiki

Rob Beddingfield

2011-12-10 - 2011-12-11 - Import of ceb drawer assembly and drawing for dxf title block

2011-12-05 - 3d model for a few solenoid valve components

James K. Pray

I am Remote, in Boston. Not exactly 100% apart of any team, or anything, I'd like to be but immersing myself is the best way to see if it will work! Therefore, follow my log at James Log, or checkout James K. Pray, or the Cement Mixer to see updates, any help is appreciated!

2012-12-13 Currently looking at CAD options. Something simple as I am working on a cement mixer, nothing genius!